Churches in Kythira

Of unique interest are the churches and monasteries scattered on the island of Kythira and on top of its green hills. Their architecture is strongly influenced by the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands, and Peloponnese. The monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotsissa is the most important and the largest of the island located in Myrtidion village, amid beautiful surroundings. The miraculous icon of the Virgin is its most valuable treasure, for which hundreds of faithful arriving in the monastery every year to pray.

In the middle of a tall pine tree forest, over Livadi village stands the 18th-century monastery of Agia Elesa. According to the tradition, it is the site where Agia Elessa martyred in the 4th century. Visitors will enjoy a view of the entire island and relax.

Equally beautiful is the holy monastery of Agia Moni set on the mountain slopes over the village Diakofti. The cells of the monastery are available to the visitors.
Other churches that worth a visit on the island of Kythira are Agios Petros, Agioi Pantes, Agia Anna, Estavromenos church, Agios Andreas, Agios Dimitrios, and Agios Georgios.

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Monastery of Agia Moni

The monastery of Agia Moni is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was built in 1840, on the top of a very high mountain, and has an incredible view on the harbor of Diakofti. The monastery celebrates on August 6th.
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Church of Analipsi

This nice church in Livadi is dedicated to the Ascension of Christ. It hosts a collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine art.

Monastery of Agia Elesa

This Monastery is built on the site where Agia Elesa was tortured and died in order not to deny her faith to God. In fact, her grave is found at the yard of the Monastery. The road leading there is tough. The monastery is located a bit off Ano Livadi.

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