Archaeological Museum opens after 9 years

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Fully renovated and with a modern exhibition, the Archaeological Museum of Kythira opens again to the public after 9 years of reconstruction works. The museum, that will be inaugurated on May 7th and is found at the entrance of Chora, had been closed since 2006 due to earthquake damages. At the current exhibition of the museum, that was designed following the suggestions of modern museology and aesthetics, visitors can see archaeological findings from the islands of Kythira and Antikythira. The exhibits cover a time period from 5,000 BC until the 3rd century AD and were gathered by excavations in the two islands and marine discoveries.

The aim of the museum's permanent exhibition is to present the special cultural identity of the island, that is geographically located in the crossroad of eastern and western Mediterranean Sea. Among the exhibits are vases and stone vessels from the archaeological site of Paleopolis, the archaic Lion of Kythira, statues from the Roman times, and more. The Archaeological Museum of Kythira is accessible by people with special needs and people with vision problems. The exhibition also addresses to children as there is a special bag that guides them through an educational journey around the museum.