Kythira Geography

Kythira has an area of 284 It is part of the Ionian Islands group and geographically lies in the south of Peloponnese, which is why the history of Kythira is connected a lot to the history of the Greek mainland. The geography of Kythira is mountainous but it has quite fertile valleys and green canyons. The island is located at 12.5 nautical miles from Kavo Maleas.

The rugged terrain prevails winds coming from the sea. On the east coast, steep cliffs have been formed, interrupted by golden and isolated beaches. On the west side, huge rocks descend into the sea. 43 nautical miles of coastline is formed by many bays of diverse sizes and shapes.

In spite of the rocky terrain, most of the island is covered with rich vegetation and many olive trees. The sea surrounding Kythira is very rich, providing the inhabitants with fish and attracting a lot of professional and amateur fishermen from around regions. The main port of the island is Diakofti.

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