Kefalonia Zervati Cave

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Location: Sami

In eastern Kefalonia, in the area between Poulata and Karavomylos, there are numerous caverns and chasms formed over the course of millions of years as the underground streams running through the island have been eroding the soft limestone. Besides the more renowned ones, like Melissani and Drogarati, you can also find some lesser-known gems, such as Zervati Cave, which is also known as the Blue Cave.

Located on the southern edge of the Karavomylos settlement, around 250 meters from the sea, the relatively small yet highly impressive Zervati Cave boasts two magnificent little lakes with crystalline brackish waters. Apart from its exceptional geological value, Zervati is of great ecological interest too, as it is home to rare aquatic plants, fish and eels. The mouth of the cave was formed when the roof of the pre-existing closed hall collapsed, resulting in the creation of a 10-meter-high debris cone that cuts the cave in two.

Covered with intricate stalactites, its ceiling and walls are of stunning natural beauty, while the light that comes in through the roof covers the surface of the waters with magical hues. The cave’s extraordinary beauty is enhanced by lush fig trees, carobs and other plants growing among the stalactites.

Nevertheless, Zervati can be somewhat tricky to find; the entrance is actually through a gate opposite the Zervati restaurant. A downhill path, overgrown with vegetation, leads to the first cave, but you can reach the second half of the cave by following the trail to the right.

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