Kefalonia Archaic Temple of Skala

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Location: Skala

In the area of Agios Georgios of Skala, visitors can still see the remnants of an Archaic Doric temple erected around the early 6th century BC. The monument was first discovered by Charles Philippe de Bosset, the island’s governor in 1812, while excavations began in 1960.

The temple was probably used as a place of worship till the 4th century BC and, thanks to its location on the southern coast of Kefalonia, it must have been an important stopping place for mariners traveling on the Ionian Sea. Measuring 34 meters in length, it was surrounded by columns and had a portico, an elongated cella and an opisthodomos. It was also enclosed by a wall, part of which can still be seen on the southwestern side. From the temple itself, only the foundations have survived to this day.

In ancient times, the sanctuary belonged to the city-state of Pronnoi, but archaeological research has not determined which deity was worshiped here.

In 1812, a chapel dedicated to Saint George was built beside the Archaic temple, on the site of a pre-existing Christian church. In the vicinity, visitors will also find the ruins of a Roman villa.

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