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A very under rated island
5 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

Nationality: Australian

Countries visited: 15-30

The trip: I arrived on the kefalonia by plane with the Singapore Airlines and by boat with the My Way Ferries. We were in a cabin on an overnight trip. We traveled by plane to Frankfurt, Germany then leased a car and drove to Rome. From Rome we traveled by train to Brindisi in Italy and by ferry to Sami Kefalonia

Reasons for going to Kefalonia: My mother and father were born in Kefalonia and we still have family that live there

Idea about Kefalonia before arriving: I have been to Kefalonia twice before and therefore knew what to expect, a very under rated island with extraordinary natural beauty. A variety of beaches from sand to pebble, very clean with a variety of sea life

within hands reach

Best Beaches : MYrtos, To Xi

Best Activity : Relaxing on the beach

Negative opinion about Kefalonia: Could improve on public transport

Recommendations: Go to the remote areas of the island, they are the most scenic and least populated

Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 8/10

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The beaches were fantastic
5 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

Nationality: American

Age: 40

Countries visited: >1-5

The trip: I arrived on the island by plane with Delta to Athens and Olympic to Kefalonia. The plane was delayed but the trip on the plane was very good. Olympic overbooked the flight, we were rebooked on an early morning flight..

Reasons for going to Kefalonia Recommended by Father-in-Law

Idea of the island/area before arriving: Not as touristy as other islands. Beautiful beaches

Did it meet your expectations and enjoyed your stay? Yes

- Island/area: 10/10

- Landscapes: 9/10

- Tree Covered: 8/10

- Beaches & waters: 10/10

- Cleanliness: 10/10

- Villages: 10/10

- Main Town: 8/10

- Food/ restaurants: 10/10

- Local people: 10/10

- Accommodation: 10/10

- Activities: 8/10

- Sightseeing: 8/10

- Prices: 10/10

- Public Transportations: 8/10

- Authenticity 10/10

- Peace & quiet 10/10

- Weather 8/10

Best Beaches: Loutdas

Best Villages: Lourdas

Best restaurants: Lithero

Anything negative about the island or needs improvement: Nothing

Recommendations: If you like a peaceful, quiet vacations, visit before July. If you like to socialize with other tourists, go during peak season

Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 9/10.

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A really great week
5 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

It was our first trip to Kefalonia and we had a great time - didn't want to come home! Apart from two days of rain (which we expected at this time of year) the weather was perfect - 26C during the day and cooler nights.

We stayed in a beautiful villa in Old Skala with the most incredible views of Zakynthos, the Ioanian sea and the village of Ratzakli and Katelios.

During the two days of rain, we toured the island - Sami (which was great), Antisamos beach, Myrtos beach and Assos (very pretty). We drove through the mountains to get there, which was an adventure in itself. The scenery in Kefalonia is just breath-taking even in the rain!

The only area of the island that we weren't too keen on was Skala - too many Brits and other tourists. Fine if you want that sort of thing, but not our cup of tea.

We ate out in Argostoli, Skala, Katelios, Poros and Sami all of which offered great tavernas - we liked Katelios best as it was quiet and had great fish restaurants.

The beaches were spotlessly clean, as was the sea and the whole island in general.

Finally, we loved the people there - so helpful and friendly and even more so when we said "hello", "thank you" and "please" in Greek.

We would DEFINITELY go back for another holiday.

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Impressed by the clearness of the water
5 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 27

Countries visited: >5-10

The trip: I arrived on the island by plane and boat with Iberia Airlines. The trip was good. No delay.

Reasons for going to Kefalonia Discovered on the Internet

Idea of the island/area before arriving: Before arriving to the islands I had a good idea about the Ionian Islands because I had been surfing on the web since log time before. That's why I chose this place to spend my holidays, because by the webs I found, it seemed to be a very beautiful place to spend a marvellous stay

Opinion about the accommodations:

-General, for Accommodations: 10/10

-Location (surroundings): 10/10

-Access (distance from town, beach): 6/10

-Facilities (air-condition, telephone, TV): 10/10

-Comfort: 10/10

-Service: 10/10

-Cleanliness/hygiene: 10/10

-Price: 10/10

Opinion about catering:

-General, for catering: 7/10

-Quality of food/drinks: 7/10

-Variety of dishes/drinks: 6/10

-Cleanliness/hygiene: 7/10

-Service: 7/10

-Environment: 9/10

-Prices: 6/10

-Access (distance from town, beach, and hotel): 8/10

Opinion about attractions:

-General, for attractions - recreations: 9/10

-Variety: 7/10

-Infrastructures: 6/10

-Cleanliness/hygiene: 8/10

-Service/Guidance: 7/10

-Prices: 7/10

Opinion about Travel and Transportation:

-General, for travel & transportation: 8/10

-Transfers: 10/10

-Friendliness, information and help: 5/10

-Service: 6/10

-Ticket prices: 8/10

-Cleanliness/hygiene: 7/10

-Safety/Security: 6/10

Opinion about local transportation:

-General, for local transportation: 8/10

-Vehicle's conditions: 7/10

-Service: 7/10

-Safety: 7/10

-Tickets and prices: 7/10

-Cleanliness/hygiene: 8/10

-Conditions of roads: 7/10

-Parking areas: 10/10

: Only 1 bus, a water taxi and 1 taxi.

Opinion about the infrastructure:

-General, for infrastructure: 7/10

-Tourist information (kiosks, maps, etc): tourist office with plenty of info 5/10

-Telecommunication: 6/10

-Health service: 6/10

-Parks & Public spaces: 10/10

Favorite things about the island/area:

-Best Beaches: Mirtos

More: We wery very impressed by the beautiful clearness of the waters and the beauty of all the beaches

Negative opinion about the island:

I would increase the service of buses between the most important villages of the island. The taxis are a little bit expensive and you don't have more options if you don't have enough time to catch a bus. I would also put more Tourism Information points. I couldn?t find a map of the island. Unfortunately, I had one that The Tourism Office of Athens had sent to me before the journey.

Recommendations for future visitors:

Yes, to get a map before starting the journey

Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries:


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Kefalonia - heaven on earth
5 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

I have visited Kefalonia 3 times and will continue to visit this beautiful Island. Sorry about the spelling, here are some Do's and don'ts

Do learn to say thank you and please in Greek (Epharisto Poli & Parakelo), it will get you everywhere.

Do hire a car it's cheap and so convenient (I use CBR)

Do visit the underground lake (Near Sami)

Do pick accomodation carefully based on reviews and recommendations

Do book your holdiday independently, your flights, accom and hire car you will save a fortune.

Do take enough Euros from the Post Office before you go.

Don't expect heavy duty nightlife / clubbing

Don't hire a motorbike or scooter to travel over the whole Island it is unwise as the traffic on the roads is dangerous, but this is your choice.

Places to visit:

Agastoli - the capital for all your needs, shopping for food is fantastic and eating out is also great. The square is a nice place to visit and watch the world go by, the shopping precinct is also worth a visit. Just outside there is a LIDL so you can stock up cheaply on water drinks and general self catering stuff.

There is a launderette if required on the way out towards Lassi.

Efemina - A cute little fishing village, plenty of places to go for eating, and there are apartments etc there. You can hire a boat but it is a little expensive for a few hours.

Sami - A popular stop off for yachtsmen, famous for filming "Captain Corelli's Mandelin". Plenty to eat and drink there.

Skala - Good stop off place for watersports and eating and drinking.

Lixouri - The old capital, nice beaches and use the mud (for your skin). Take the ferry its cheap even with a car. Again plenty to eat and drink.

Fiskado - Wow, this is the Capri of the north. Looks fantastic, there is plenty to eat and drink, use the restaurant at the end around the back, the locals do and its cheap. It is also a popular place for yachtsmen to stop off.

The people are great, respect them and their culture. Viva St Gerassimo, the local wine and the local beer.

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Kefalonia has changed
4 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

I just got back from Kefalonia
this past Sunday (4 days ago). I had a great time but
the weather was weird. It rained horribly at Skala for
a day. The other days, the weather was cloudy and

Four years ago, I've noticed that the island had a
population of 30,000 when I last visited it, now its
over 60,000 (10,000 is British alone, the rest is
Italians and French). They became citizens, have
their own businesses, and also have their own parades
on the island. The foreigners are pretty much taking
over. It probably started after the Corelli film.

Argostoli is way too overpopulated now and houses are
being built everywhere especially around Argostoli and
Razata. The police are everywhere patrolling the
streets. The island wasnt like this before.
Argostoli finally got traffic lights due to the heavy
congestion of cars. Lixouri also built an entire town
cutting away an entire hill.
Pretty soon, the island
will look like Manhattan and overpopulated like

I see it both ways (both good and bad.) The good is
that it is bringing money into the island, but the bad
is that the island will lose its Greek tradition and
it will soon be a melting pot of different
backgrounds. And, the foreigners are a bit rude.

I took over 2000 photos. Here is a small sample of
different islands I visited including Kefalonia.

Copy and Paste link to view.

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Kefalonia, Heaven on Earth
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Category: Kefalonia General

This poem is for the people of Kefalonia,it speaks all that I feel for this Paradise.

(K)eeper of the Gods Kingdom.

(E)mpress of the Ionian Sea.

(P)aradise and Beauty, thats what you are to me.

(H)eavens golden play ground, I wish it always be.

(A) people of great kindness, of joy and hospitality.

(L)egend of the ancient Gods, or so the story runs.

(O)f Gods and mortal bathing here, feasting and of fun.

(N)eptunes place of slumber , when basking in the sun.

(I) must leave you on the morrow, sadness plain to see.

(A)dieu my fair Kephalonia, until I return to thee.

Peter, with my love

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A real paradise
5 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

Nationality: British

Age: 23

The trip: I arrived on Kefalonia by plane. The trip was fine and it took us 3 hours

Reasons for going to Kefalonia: We are coming to this island with my family for more than 20 years. We love this island, the food, the sunshine abd the blue sea.

Idea before arriving: I always came here for holidays. I know this place like my pocket and love it.

Expectations and opinions: This island is always meeting my expectations. I really love it and could not image not coming for at least one week per year. I love the fact that the island is very big. There are many thing to do and see. It is a green island and has amazing long white sandy beaches. The beach of Myrtos is a must but really overcrowded in August. I also love the villages of Fiscardo and Assos. I hope to have a house there one day. The people there are very friendly, the food is excelent, the sun always shining... a real paradise.

Favorite thing about Kefalonia: The food and the weather.

Negative opinion: As I am coming on the island since I am a baby I saw many modifications. The island was much more authentic some time ago and really wish that it stays like like that. I don't want Kefalonia to become too commercial like Corfu or Zakynthos. I would also want the island to organise itself in a positive way. More thinks to experience, more museums, more excursions,...

Recommendations: Paradise taverna has the best food in the world.

I will definitely go back there. It is my second home.

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Beautiful and relaxed atmosphere
5 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

Nationality: English

Age: 50+

The trip: We went to Kefalonia Island via Athens by Easy Jet and then ferry from Killini to Poros village. The trip, even if long, was fine.

Reasons for going to Kefalonia: Kefalonia was recommended by a good friend and as I trust I decided for 2005 to go there. I have never been in Greece and always wanted to.

Idea before arriving: My friend told me many things about Kefalonia. He told me it was a very beautiful island. Very green with great landscapes and very beautifuk beaches. And as the island was big there were many opportunities for excursions. As I don't like to stay all day on the beach I thought that the destination could be fine for me.

Expectations and opinions: Yes, Kefalonia met my expectations and even more. I loved it!

Favorite thing about Kefalonia: The friendly locals, the food and the relaxed atmosphere.

Negative opinion: Nothing negative!

Recommendations: Just go to Kefalonia. You won't regret it!

I will definitely go back there, next time I hope we my friend.

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Excellent Island
5 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Kefalonia General

Nationality: British

Age: 39

The trip: I flew directly to Kefalonia Island with Brittania who are very good for a charter flight. On time, clean and friendly and the food is quite good.

Reasons for going to Kefalonia: We came last year also and enjoyed it so much that we came again this year. We chose it for its reputation for being beautiful and mostly unspoilt and still traditionally very Greek.

Idea before arriving: As above. Greece is world famous for its beauty.

Expectations and opinions: Yes! Bigger than I expected and more mountainous. The island of Kefalonia in Greece is just excellent!

Favorite thing about Kefalonia: The genuine friendliness of the people. And the food!!!

Negative opinion: None!

Recommendations: The place to visit: Fiskardo, Ag Emila (?), Assos, Myrtos

I will definitely get back there. I really have good and relaxing time there.

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