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Vassilis retreat
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Category: Kefalonia General

We liked: Amazing bay view from our room window, daily room cleaning, a friendly hotel owner. Breakfast terrace also has an amazing view. You can bring your own food for breakfast.

What we didn't like:
Strip ceiling, old plumbing equipment, leakage marks on the walls.


Nice and professional
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Category: Kefalonia General

In Kefalonia, we stayed in a small hotel in Skala and enjoyed the nice calm beaches in the area. Skala was very beautiful and had some great views and beaches. Shops were as expected, tourist items. We found the best restaurant in all the island in Skala, a great Italian restaurant close to the chemist, in the centre of the village. Maybe you should spend a few days in Skala and a few days in Argostoli to get a balance of secluded and a more town atmosphere.

Kefaloniagenerally has a safe and warm friendly atmosphere, extremely low crime rate, inspolt villages, reasonable nightlife without any rowdy and unruly people. Eating out is a pleasure, every meal is a delight of well presented and great homemade cooking. Taverns are intime, with delicious Greek food and of course Greek music. Most of the taverns and bars are situated near the sea, so the tourists can admire the game of the waves. Drinks in beach bars are presented in a professional manner, chilled and correctly served, not thrown together as at some resorts. Most people spoke English, which was very helpful.

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Most beautiful island of Europe
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Category: Kefalonia General

Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful islands from Europe, in my opinion. I love the sea, its beaches, vilages, landscape, churches...everything...I am sorry I could not visited more places of the island that I did but I hope I will come back, together with another good friends of mine to show them this wonderful island. The boat trip in Melissani Cave will stay in my mind because it was so nice and calm. Boat man explained us the history of the cave in good English. Best beaches are Platis Gialos, Tourkapedou, Xi, Ammes and of course Myrtos beach, the best! I have seen no beach like that anywhere! You must advertise Kefaloniamore, people, because all the world must visit this beautiful island! Food is great in all the taverns, especially in the taverns off track. You can find such in least expected places, in huge mountains, small beaches, tiny villages. Try all dishes, you will love each one! When I came home, I looked the web for recipes of Greek food and now I am cooking it almost every week. Something to remember our nice vacations!!

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Respect the island and stop developing
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Category: Kefalonia General

Kefalonia almost feels like we have "come home" each time we arrive. It is the most relaxed, laid back friendly country we have ever been. There may be small areas that seem to have the bad side of the UK, i.e. drunkun idiots, but this is really a tiny element and it is so easy to avoid any of this, like Lassi.

There is so much beauty on this island and after the fires we need to support the locals as much as we can to try and get things back to normal. The local food can be excellent in some areas and "out of tins" in others. It really is down to the holiday maker to experience as much as possible. In Skala, most restaurants are good with some excellent, like the Old Village. The Pines has a great reputation but when we ate there we received frozen fish (uncooked) and unhelpful service! My daughter loved a local puppet show in the local school playground (not in english), great family fun. and real community spirit!

Respect the island and stop the property developers from destroying it (were the fires an accident?).Become part of Kefalonia, respect the locals, treat them well and they will treat you well. No matter where you go you can enjoy but for us we love the South, absolutely fantastic.

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Memories are still vivid
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Category: Kefalonia General

I went to Kefalonia about three summers ago but the beauty of the island is still vivid in my mind. The best thing on Kefalonia are the beaches. You can find wonderful beaches there for all tastes. Myrtos is the best of course, but if you drive around Kefalonia you will find other less known but very beautiful small coasts, like Ai Thomas, Saint Nikolas and Xi. Not all of them are organized, but they are all clean. In fact, I doubt if I have seen cleaner beaches in other Greek islands.

Villages on Kefalonia are so picturesque but the bad thing is that you can't rely on public buses to see them. I suggest you rent a car for a couple of days to make the tour of the island. Assos is particularly nice. Our hotel was there and the balcony had view to the small port. A lovely picture to see in the morning. Fiscardo is also nice. Argostoli is busy.

Pay attention if you stuck with your car behind big coaches. It takes a while to get unstuck. This is when you will hear many klaxons from the Greeks, who are the worst drivers I think. They do not pay attention to motorcycles, do not stop at STOPs and have many nerves when driving. They are expecting you to make unbelievable moves to get away from traffic, like it is your fault that the bus is in front of you! Also more gas stations are needed on the island, especially in areas away from Argostoli.

You will find no nightlife and not important historical monuments to see, but this will not matter you. The natural beauty of Kefalonia is enough.

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Nature at its best
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Category: Kefalonia General

Kefalonia has great beaches, not too much crowded when we were there (in September). Typical villages, I liked most Fiscardo, Argostoli and Lassi. Lassi also has nice watersports in the beach, while the other beaches are not organized. Generally, Kefalonia doesn't have much touristic places (such as some places in Crete and on other islands). Historical monuments do not exist extensively (probably due to earthquakes?), but nature is wonderful. Melissani cave is a natural miracle, I guess it would be perfect for diving but I stayed only a week on the island and didn't have the time to search for diving excursions there. Every corner of Kefalonia is relaxing, from the nice coves to the high mountainous spots with breathtaking views.


Fabulous holiday
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Category: Kefalonia General

An absolutely stunning island saturated with historical, archeological and geographical wonders. Magnificent and imposing scenery. Welcoming and friendly people.

I accidentally learned about Kefalonia when I read Louis de Bernieres novel "Captain Corelli's Mandolin". The landscapes were so beautifully described that I
searched the Internet and found out some great photos of the island.

On Kefalonia, there are breathtakingly stunning beaches, coastline and mountains with lush vegetation and striking trees.

Lassi was very friendly, very nice beaches and good facilities.

Fiskardo was beautiful and very classy.

Myrtos Beach a must see and must visit!

Melissini lake and Drogorati caves enchanting.

St Gerasimos cave built into the hills is fascinating and quite humbling.

Discover Island Tour is available everywhere and I highly recommend it.

Sami and Assos looked gorgeous as we drove through.

The local food is also delicious. We ate in Lassi most evenings at a variety of restaurants, our favourite being Il Tramonto, with Sto Psito and Taverna Sirtaki coming close. We spent most evenings in The Exclusive Bar which sold cocktails in a nice setting with good atmosphere, friendly staff and on most
nights very good entertainment.

Our only bad experience was in the airport. This was awful. Elderly and children were queueing for hours to get in. A terrible end to a fabulous holiday.

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Keep nightlife well away
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Category: Kefalonia General

It's the best place in the world as far as I'm concerned and the last thing it needs is so called nightlife. Just look at Zante and the trouble they have. Kefalonia is peaceful and has enough to offer the person who wants to rest. Enjoy the sun, sand and sea and wonderful food. Not to mention the people who are helpful, generous and more. Just can't think how to put it in to words. So if you want night life and one long party, go else where and don't spoil Kefalonia.

kamar wrote on Jun 03, 2009

good to know. I'm not interestd about nightlife, so welcome to Kefalonia

kefalonia wrote on Jun 14, 2009

Kefalonia is simply amazing. It has so many beatiful corners to discover and it's so various: from long white sand beaches close to Argostoli to the wide reefs that dig into the blue close to Kipuria! From red sand beaches in Lixouri to green olive and cypress forests that touch the water in Fiskardo and Sami. And then Drogarati caves and Melissani lake that are particular and nice to see and the breathtaking beaches of Petanus and Myrtos with unforgettable sunsets. If you look for nitghlife visit Mikonos or Rhodes, but if you look for crystal clear sea, peaceful beaches, good food, freedom and nature then Kefalonia is one of the best places in the world!


No real sites and nightlife
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Category: Kefalonia General

The island was lovely and had great beaches. But it lacked many things. For example, there were not real historical monuments and if you wanted to see one or two, streets were not appropriately signposted. Also there was no real nightlife, only a few beach bars scattered here and there. Lush green landscape and beautiful villages, but gift shops had the same gifts.

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My fifth trip to Kefalonia
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Category: Kefalonia General

You know the old saying "its a hard life"... I was contemplating this very thing the other week. Well, I did not have much else to do really, I was lying on my lounger, sun beating down on me, listening to the sound of the water gently lapping at the sides of the swimming pool, whilst Chris Rea's greatest hits played on the stereo in the background. For those of you who don't know who Chris Rea is, he is an English middle-aged rock star, who to be honest has been middle aged since the 80's. Is it a hard life really? Are we really on the Road to Hell, like Chris Rea's song says we are? I took another sip of my cocktail and thought that another ten minutes was needed before I would flip myself over and tan my back for a while.

See, unlike Chris Rea I am not quite middle aged yet and definitely not on the Road to Hell, and I can say that it is not always a hard life, only sometimes, and life is good when you're lying around the pool sipping cocktails in Cephalonia, as an end of season break, the wife and myself decided to visit our favourite Greek island.

Staying in the village of Skala at the Marietta Apartments, our usual haunt. We spent a week soaking up the hot Greek sun, lazing around on the beach, just chilling out.
We have always stayed in the same place when visiting Skala, the Marietta Apartments offers no frills basic self-catering/ bed & breakfast accommodation. They are located just outside of the village centre just of the main road heading from Katilios/Mounda Beach direction. This was our 5th visit to the Marietta and over the years we have always enjoyed our stay there, and this time was no different apart from one little thing has changed. The cleaning is a little bit on the relaxed side, with sheets and towels only changed twice a week, which is not good in forty-degree heat. You can however pay for additional cleaning if you so want to. I feel that all cleaning should be provided and be inclusive of the price you pay, so they have let themselves down on that point. Apart from that it's the same old place we remember, nothing else has really changed that much.

Skala itself is a small resort on the southern edge of Cephalonia. Although it has changed a little, there are a few more hotels and bars than last time, it has not lost its relaxed atmosphere. There are a good number of restaurants/taverna's to choose from, the best in my opinion are the Gallera and the Flamingo, closely followed by the Manor House and La Luna, all offering traditional Greek food and local specialities including Cephalonian meat pie, which is one of my favourites.
If you have got a sweet tooth like me, then head to the Sugar Lemon, by the main square, their waffles and ice cream are first class, and so is the walnut cake. The best of the bars seem to be the Sirocco and the Nero Cocktail Bar, they offer a loyalty card (buy 6 drinks and get the 7th free). The beach at Skala is a mixture of sand and shingle; it is very clean and well cared for. A set of sun loungers will cost €6 per day and there are many beach tavernas to choose from just off the sand. Milos is a nice place for a spot of lunch or a drink. Skala has all of the usual amenities found in most Greek resorts, gift shops, supermarkets, car hire, doctors etc. They used to have a pharmacy too, but this closed a few years ago for some reason I could not quite understand. Which was a little inconvenient to me as I was unwell for a couple of days, and had to see the doctor to get some antibiotics instead of just walking into the pharmacy.

The sights of Cephalonia. There is quite a lot to see and do on the island. Over the last five visits we have basically done it all, so I will give you the highlights of the very best places to go. The capital is Argostoli and the best time to go there is in the evening. The main square comes to life in the evening, there are plenty of little restaurants surround the square serving the finest Greek food. After dinner take a walk along the harbour's edge as the sunsets and the pleasure boats tie up for the day. Take an island tour stopping at multiple places through out the day; these can be booked with your rep. Although we booked with the Panem office in Skala, they were cheaper, and our tour guide Carol, who has lived on Cephalonia for the past 20 years was so well informed about the island. She gave the most knowledgeable account of the island's history I have ever heard. The trip consisted of a stop at the Robola Winery, Drogartti Cave, Messani Lakes, Fiskardo for lunch, and Myrtos, and Asos. All of that for €26 is not bad, the Thomas Cook rep was charging €30, and I bet theirs would not have been half as good. Be aware there will be an extra charge of €6 for the lakes and €4 for the caves, we did not mind this as those were the only places we have never seen before. They were ok but to be honest I was not that impressed by them, a see once kind of thing.

Next door to Cephalonia is a little island called Ithaca, which is a beautiful place to visit, there are many trips to the island every week, Panem offer one and so will your travel rep. If you have never been before it is well worth visiting, the trip takes about an hour to get across the water and usually boards at Sami. One of my favourite places on Kefalonia is the little harbour town of Katilios, which is not to far from Skala, about 15 minutes by car. There you will find some lovely tavernas serving the very finest seafood. The seating is right on the water's edge and it is a lovely place to watch the sunset. They serve the best lobster on the island and it is very well priced, just ask the waiter for a set menu for two people, that's Greek salad for starter, lobster with all of the trimmings for main and desert of your choice to finish with, plus a litre of house wine all for less than €100 per couple. Now that can't be bad. The beaches on Cephalonia are clean and always very well kept. The most famous is Myrtos beach, the second most photographed beach in Greece after the one on Zante. It is very beautiful, however it has some very strong currents and it is not recommended for swimming unless if you are a very strong swimmer. It is also very hard to walk on. It might look like white sand from hundreds of feet up but it is actually very fine white pebbles, a bit like walking bare foot on Glass Marbles (ouch). There are many beaches like this on the island; the sandy and shallow ones are Mouda Beach, just outside Skala and the red sand beach of Xi.

To sum up, Cephalonia is a beautiful and charming island. It has a relaxed atmosphere, which has drawn us back to it many times. It is steeped in history, charm and character. The people of the island are very pleasant and friendly. Cephalonia offers something for every type of traveller, from families to couples, or singles. There is much to do and see on Cephalonia, no two days are the same unless you want them to be. The island offers all kinds of accommodation from basic/budget to high end/luxury and most high street travel agents offer holidays there.

Cephalonia is one of the many jewels in Greece’s crown.

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