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Recent car hire in kefalonia
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Category: Kefalonia General

just returned from a fabulous holiday at the sotiris appartments in kefalonia. We had ordered our car to be delivered to us and meet the driver in reception at 10. I first received a call to say the car would be there on time, half an hour after the call i got another call from a man called Adam Costas to say he couldnt find us so i got the manager from where we was staying to speak to him. When he came off the phone the manager told us that he would be here in 10 minutes after argueing with him. 10 minutes passed and i received another phone call to say he couldnt find us and that we would have to walk to the airport and pick the car up and promptly hung up. I went back to the manager of where we was staying and he again rang him and after another argument he said the car would be here as it was 40 degrees and no way we could walk in that heat! When Adam came with the car he was rude and very very abrupt. It was plain to see he just was not interested and put out that he had to bring the car to us, as stated on our invoice. There was no map and all he said was make sure you fill up with petrol and left.

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Drive carefully and enjoy
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Category: Kefalonia General

We stayed in Lassi, and contrary to some of the reports we read on the skyrocketing rates in Greece, we found the prices very reasonable. Luckily for us, we found a few bars that did happy hours. I would advise you to tread carefully in Fiskardo, a tad highly priced as compared to the rest of Kefalonia, thanks to the yachting community that ties up at Fiskardo.

We hired a car and went around the whole island and we ended up spending more time behind the wheels than on the beach because it is a very big island. Some of the views from the narrow mountainside roads were so breathtaking, we had to stop every now and then to take pics. Driving up the hill at certain areas can turn out to be a bit of an extreme sport. The roads are steeply hilly and sharply winding and there were fallen rocks at a few places the road.

We took a bus ride to Agia Efimia, a popular resort impressive with its pebble beaches and the fabulous taverns. The only drawback there was the flotilla crowd, who somehow seem to swamp the taverns. We wised up after a bad experience and steered clear of tavernas that were bursting with the yachting fraternity. Katelios is not much to do, but we sunbathed, swam and ate some really good food at very reasonable prices. The capital of Kefalonia is the bustling Argostoli, where fishing boats tie up at the pretty palm-lined dock. We sat at one of the cafes sipping espresso and did people watching, something many others like us seemed to be doing.

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Superb spots
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Category: Kefalonia General

I stayed in a villa in the village of Antipata on the North of Kefalonia. Last year, we had a sail/stay that started and finished in Fiskardo and we wanted to see more, so came back. The small tip of the island I really enjoy with Fiskardo at its heart. Fiskardo harbour is a superb spot with constant too and fro in the small harbour of fishing boats, sailing boats and the Ithaca/Lefkas ferry. Full of small restaurants ideal for a late lazy meal. I drove around some of the rest of the island but the Northern tip was my favourite. Mirtos beach was visually stunning, but less fun to sit on, whilst Assos was similarly superb to look at.

alexis wrote on Jul 15, 2010

I agree with you that Fiscardo is a top place.

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Kefalonia again
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Category: Kefalonia General

Myself and my husband Mick got back 2 weeks ago from our 3rd trip to Kefalonia. The weather was incredibly hot, (too hot for me sadly) so beach times were limited to early mornings and very, very late aftenoons/early evenings. Luckily, we don't like to spend all day lying down, and having a hire car we were as usual able to tour the island, visiting places we already knew and some new ones.

We had a "let's find new beaches day", and we discovered Petani beach, which was lovely, Fokes beach near Fiskado, which was just heavenly, surrounded by olives trees. It even has a cave you can swim to! We found 2 other beaches not far from Agrilias, which could be lovely if some time and money was invested in them. If you want a taste of real Greek life have lunch at the taverna at Alaties beach, where people sit under fig trees, on old worn furniture, drinking ouzo and retsina, I wish I could have bottled it and bought it home!!!

We went for the first time to the lake at Karavomilos, although we had been to Sami lots of times. We also discovered Melissani beach and its fantastic beach bar and pool. A first visit to the Drogarati caves was well worth it, as was the gift shop there. My favourite day out was to Davgata and the museum of Natural History, housed in a relatively small building, it is a fantasic mine of information, and the village itself is lovely. We were allowed into the church where the locals were preparing for a baptism, and a very kind lady explained everything that was going to happen.

We found Fiskado has become very expensive, and we were told alot of yachting people now go to Agia Effima instead. We stayed in Agia Effima, which I have to say is probably my favourite place on the island to stay, it's quiet without being dull, the people are lovely, the restaurants are of a good quality, and it has a real village feel.

We stayed at the Hotel Olive Bay, which are 12 family run studios. Although only listed as 2* the service, cleanliness and views are worth a lot more than that. We would definitley stay there again. The flat euro rate has meant that our holiday was quite alot more expensive than the last time we were there, and it was really quiet everywhere we went on the island. Restaurant staff and local people told us it is the quietest June for a long, long time.

We usually go on holiday in September, and I have to admit from a temperature point of view, I couldn't go again in June, September is normally slightly cooler, and while I love the sun, I don't like oppressive heat. As this was our third stay in Kefalonia, and our 4th visit to the island in 5 years, we have decided not to go back for a few years. We like to discover new places and things to do, any ideas anyone?

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Welcome to new family
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Category: Kefalonia Hotels > La Cite

My wife and I have just returned from a 14 night holiday at the La Cite Hotel in Lixouri, Kefalonia. I want to let you know that we had a very enjoyable time. The owners, management and all the staff could not have been more welcoming and helpful.The hotel and rooms were kept spotless. Outside, the pool area and gardens where very well maintained. This Hotel is 2 star!! We have stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels that would not meet this standard. We have made good friends here, it's as though you have been made welcome to a new family. We found plenty of tavernas to choose from in the square, 5 mins walk from the hotel, and the ferry to Argostoli another 2 mins. We hired a car from the man by the Port Police office in Lixouri. Being early in the season we bartered a good deal. Visits were made to Myrtos Beach, Assos, Fiskardo, Agia Efamia, Sami, Poros, Scala,and some fantastic beaches. Makris Gialos was a favourite. Fantastic scenery, a relaxing and very good holiday.


Warm welcome
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Category: Kefalonia Restaurants > Sunrise

Recently back from Kefalonia, Scala to be precise.

Had a great time at Andreas Apartments but feel I have to tell you about the above Establishment. Needing a Greek beer and rest from the sun and beach we walked to all 4 restaurants/tavernas.

The first 3 all had the typical Europop/rock music playing at various volumes, we would have loved it if they had been playing Greek music. We then arrived at Sunrise Taverna, heaven, no music at all. Just the birds, insects and the sea doing what they do unaided.

Sunrise doesn't look much from the outside, but the welcome from Victor the owner more than makes up for this. Before we had ordered drinks or food our shot of ouzo arrived, bought by Victor himself.

I had the fresh Sardines and Lemon the first time we ate there. Unsurpassed anywhere in Greece so far. My wife had, for a change, a Greek salad with Victors secret recipe olive oil, very very good.

The next time we ate there I had the special Fish Balls and garlic mash. The fish was excellent, but the stone cold garlic mash was a surprise I have to say. Not unpleasant once I had got used to it.
Their service was quick and efficient.

On both visits, we had just the right amount of Victors tales of his travels in Britain and New York. He also rents out an apartment overlooking the beach.

I recommend you visit there to see for yourself,

Ehete ena kalo taxidi love light and peace
Paul Beckett

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Enjoyable and relaxing stay
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Category: Kefalonia Hotels > Emelisse

We visited Fiscardo Kefalonia at the end of May 2010 for 7 nights staying at the Emelisse Hotel. The hotel itself was set in a fantastic setting, the staff couldn't have been more helpful and made our stay very enjoyable and relaxing.

A couple of points we didn't like were: when trying to use the pool restaurant on the Sunday evening we were asked if we had a table reservation, which we hadn't and then taken to one of three tables at the edge of this area in an official manner. The selection on the menu was limited and we felt we were actually in the way! For guests in a 5 star hotel (on their board), we shouldn't have to reserve a table to eat there in the evening. To reserve a table was not on the any of the information provided on our arrival.

Besides the pool bar there isn't an actual bar area in the hotel to sit and drink in during an evening. The reception area (very large) does provide a drinks facility but not an area you can comfortable sit in to have a drink. Mini bars are well stocked in your room.

The side sea view rooms with balconies were excellent.

The hotel at night is lighted all the way through with both electric and candle light creating a very romantic effect. The owners lit a small fire in one of the seating areas overlooking the bay each evening and to watch the sunsets is something very special.

The gym is excellent and there is a tennis court. The hotel has rooms with individual swimming pools shared by two sets of rooms, they also have a main pool with a smaller children's pool and a separate smaller infinity pool in a different area. They also have a good selection of bikes which you can borrow free of charge.

The hotel operates a free of charge shuttle service to and from the village at regular times.

A short walk down the road is a beautiful small bay/beach, typical of the Greek islands. Fiskardo itself is a short walk from the hotel (about 15 minutes) and this is delightful. It is a bay for lots of yachts and expensive motorboats. To sit at one of the restaurants and enjoy either a coffee or meal watching these coming and going is quite entertaining. The little shops provide lots of tourist bits and pieces. The prices are as reasonable as anywhere for both eating and gifts.

A short walk from the hotel and on route to the village is the Panorama restaurant, which does give you a fantastic view over the countryside and bay but be warned, at the time of our visit, he takes CASH only no cards. His lamb cooked in wax paper is excellent.

There is a walk (we visited the Parma travel office to get the details of this) which took us out of Fiskardo and through a couple of almost deserted villages enjoying some of the traditional way of life and very quiet countryside. Lasted about 2 hours and well worth it.

We also did a short walk to the lighthouse but it is not open to the public.

The environmental museum in the village is well worth a visit as it gives you an insight into the history of the area. Opening hours are a bit hit and miss!

There is a small boat hire company which hire out little motor boats. If you hug the coast line you can go to the different small bays around the island.

There are the larger sailing yachts you can hire and a scuba diving yacht which operates trips for those interested in marine life.

If you want to get about the island, you will need a car - watch out for goats in the middle of the road and large vehicles on corners! There are a couple of ferries running day excursions to other islands but that is it. They run on a regular basis but can be hit and miss in bad weather.

We flew with Monarch airways to and from the island. Be warned on landing, it is a short runway and the plane we landed on braked heavily to stop. I'm not a lover of flying and found this very unnerving as the pilot didn't inform us that this would happen. Fortunately the air hostess was positioned near to us, informed us as we landed.

The island is very peaceful, very green and rocky with very little traffic around Fiskardo which was a treat in itself and if you just want to chill out and relax, you will certainly go home feeling this after your visit here.


Crisis has dropped prices
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Category: Kefalonia General

I just got back after a two week vacation in Kefalonia. And I already have a reservation for next year. The place is incredibly beautiful with large patches of greenery, fine beaches, underground lakes and caves, churches, castles, monasteries and charming villages, where the traditional way of life still exists. Unlike some other islands in Greece, hopefully Kefalonia hasn't fallen prey to the package tourism sharks.

It was off season, of course, and tourists were few, but I noticed that the island was authentic and rural. Maybe the big size is a plus. Most beaches were secluded in late April, even the famous Myrtos, and tourists were all foreigners. The Greeks apparently prefer July and August for holidays, not spring.

As for prices, they seemed surprisingly! I don't know if it is Kefalonia that has low prices, or if the Greeks want to attract tourists and get their prices low (which is very good, because prices in Greece seemed uncontrollable over the last years!) but we stayed and ate for burgain! We booked a villa for 2 in Agia Efimia for 160 euros a week, rented a car for 70 euros three days and 27 euros was the highest amount we paid for a meal for 2. It seemed that the Greeks have just started to understand that apart from nice locations, tourists also want low prices to come to Greece! Next step is to lower the ferry tickets, too!

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Fix the museums
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Category: Kefalonia General

A clean and friendly island blessed with a breathtakingly beautiful landscape of lush forests, high cliffs, and cerulean seas. This is what greeted me on arrival at the island of Kefalonia. The towns on the island are rather small and easy to get round, although, most of them have lost their authentic look to modern concrete constructions after being devastated by an earthquake in 1953. I stayed in Lourdas but made the tour of the island with a rental car.

Argostoli was nice for the big square but museums were a bit disappointing. This is the problem with museums in Greece: you have so many exhibits to host but no labels, no explanations, no comfortable working hours. From Argostoli, we went north to Fiscardo, a lovely village with colourful walls, nice port but long from the rest of Kefalonia (It took a bit less than 2 hours to go from Argostoli to Fiscardo and got lost a couple of times on the way).

Beaches in Kefaloniaare amazing all over, no to miss are Myrtos, Xi and Lourdas. In the taverns I tasted the local meat pie and also nice cheese pies from the bakeries in the morning.

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Miss it so much
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Category: Kefalonia General

The best thing with Kefalonia was the beaches!!! You find there all kind of beaches: rocky, sandy, remote, busy, with beach bars or nothing and each one is great and uinique. No need to talk about Myrtos, who doesn't know this gorgeous beach? However, there are many others in Kefalonia than Myrtos. Antisamos, Emblisi, Poros, Kaminia, Xi, Koroni, Megali Ammos...

Do not waste your time with buses. You will lose most of the day packed and waiting under the hot sun. Rent a car and make the tour of Kefalonia. If you book early, car rentals are really cheap. I found in Greeka a nice Hyundai Atos only for 100 euros for 4 days!!! Of course, I booked three months earlier, but so did I with the air tickets and the hotel.

Eat a lot and swim as much as you can. The prices are a bargain here compared to other Ionian islands, like Corfu or Zante. Four people we never paid more than 50-60 euros for a meal. Argostoli, the capital, was nice for an evening walk but too busy. Lassi was too touristy, Lixouri was fairly nice, but the best village for more was Fiscardo. It was certainly the most busy village in Kefalonia but so nice with all these colours, the narrow paths and the port with the yacths. Ohhh, I miss Kefalonia so much!! Certainly will go back this summer or the next.

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