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Traveling around Kefalonia by Bus
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Category: Kefalonia General

This review is about how we managed to travel around Kefalonia in one week without a car and how good/bad the bus services are.

We were based in Lassi the first week of July this year and found it to be an excellent base for our needs.
We traveled all over the island on buses and beside one incident of a missed bus it worked out well.
Argostoli is the capital and all bus links start from there. There’s around 3 bus stops in Lassi and the buses run every half past the hour from 9.30am onwards. It’s costs 1.50 euros and takes around 10 minutes. Stay on the bus until you get to the main bus stop. All the buses are lined up with numbers and destinations on them and also there’s sheets of paper with times and destinations by the side of each bus. There’s a big screen telling you times and buses and also there’s a fab tourist information inside with lots of timetables to take.

I pre planned day trips before we arrived in Kefalonia by looking on the so I had times already worked out.

Fiskardo and Assos only have around 2-3 buses running daily so pre planning is crucial and they don’t always run every day- the timetables will show you. Always arrive at least 15 mins before catching the bus as we left a few mins early on a few occasions. The bus stop in Argostoli is fine though.

It’s a 2hr direct bus journey up to Fiskardo and I think there’s a 11am and a 3pm bus up and a 5pm return. It’s stunning seeing all the scenery, you go right up into the mountains but also you can see the coast aswell as other islands too, I loved travelling on bus for the scenery. There’s aircon, free wifi and they were never full when we went.

To Agia Efimia there’s a direct bus routine too and I think that took around 1hr.

Sami there’s a direct route also but if you wanted to go to Antisamos beach where Captain Corellis Mandolin was filmed, you would have to catch a mini bus from Sami.

Melissani caves- we took a bus to Sami then caught another bus to Melissani and told the bus driver we wanted to go to the caves. He dropped us off by a big road sign of the caves on your right ( around 10 min drive away from Sami) and we walked up a short hill which is clearly signposted. It’s beautiful there and we arrived just before the hoards of crowds arrived (before 12pm - we caught the earliest bus) We were due to catch a mini bus back to Sami at 12.40pm but it didn’t turn up!!! So we found a gorgeous restaurant/bar near the water and had a drink and ordered a taxi. As there were 5 of us, my husband walked. It took him around 20-30 walking back to Sami and it cost us 8 euros in a taxi. We loved Sami the prices were so good too. Then we caught the big coach back to Argostoli at around 3pm. Although, you will see on the timetables that some times are in blue this means there might be a delay as the bus waits for a ferry to come in... we had to wait, around 45 mins.

Assos you catch a bus from Argostoli which then stops at Divarata for a change over to a mini bus to take you down to Assos. I think there was only one bus there and one bus back. Assos was our favorite place, truly stunning. We took a towel and swimwear and went for a swim in a little bay the other side of the harbor, so so clear and calm, beautiful. The bus drops you off at the top of a hill which is around a 10 min walk but it’s a pretty walk down and up.

We wanted to go to Myrtos beach but the bus times meant that we would be there for many hours which we didn’t want to do as I’d read it’s not great for swimming for children. We wanted to spend around an hour there but as we didn’t have a car, we couldn’t. But, we got to see it from above on the bus journeys a few times which was nice.

Fiskardo is a must, it’s your traditional Greek fishing village with beautiful quirky alleyways and brightly colours houses, lots of yachts and ferries come in and crowds come off and head to the harbour side restaurants but if you carry on walking past them all you will find a much prettier spot with a fab restaurant called Panormos. It overlooks the sea and houses and not bad prices too.

We did a lot around Argostoli too, we all loved going over to Lixouri on the ferry which leaves at the first bus stop into Argostoli and leaves every hour I think. We also got to see lots of turtles in the harbour in the mornings.

The cost of buses were very good, short trips were 1.50 Euro and the most we paid was to travel to Fiskardo (a 2hr journey|) which cost 6.40 Euro.

We packed in a lot but if we had extra time, we would have loved to go to Ithaka, explore more around Lixouri area, and maybe go to Poros and Skala and Dogerati caves.

We will return one day

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gboots wrote on Sep 24, 2018

Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing

ceejaydj wrote on Sep 24, 2018

Thank you


Kefalonia is the landscape of my soul
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Category: Kefalonia General

Kefalonia is a really beautiful island with magnificent landscapes. It takes my breath away every time. I have written blog about some of my favourite places in Kefalonia:

About hotels and restaurants in Kefalonia - I've never been disappointed - on the contrary, I've always met nice, polite and friendly people. I can warmly recommend Kefalonia for everyone looking for a relaxing holiday in Greece!

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More than two star studios
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Category: Kefalonia Hotels > Rosa

These are not two star studios. As self-catering accommodation goes on the Greek Isles, the apartments at Rosas studios are a minimum of four stars, at least. We are just back (23 July, 2013) from a two week stay at these wonderful apartments and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rosas, to anyone looking for self-catering accommodation on Cephalonia. I have travelled the Greek Isles for twenty five years and this is the best self-catering I have come across.

The facilities are perfect, everything you need is at hand. The apartments are spacious, modern and clean. The ground floor apartments all have terraces, while the upper floors have large balconies that overlook the beach and across the sea. After a hectic day of being dragged round the shops in nearby Argostoli, or experiencing another masterpiece of Greek cooking at the Klamatis tavern, just along the beach from Rosas, the balcony was true sanctuary. Cool drink in hand listening to the waves and crickets while watching the ferry boats, as the make their way across to Zante, heaven on earth, pure bliss.

I have to make a special mention to Rosa, Spiro and family. We all worry about whether the holiday we have just booked is going to live up to expectations. Without a doubt, if our experience is anything to go by, it will. The family obviously care as much as you do about your holiday. They really do go that extra mile to make sure you have everything you need.

So why not five star? Nothing to do with the apartments, all to do with not checking the area out thoroughly enough before going. My wife and I, are now getting on in years and we found there were too many slopes and hills. You will definitely need transport if you are not reasonable fit or able bodied. Lourdata, itself is stunning but if you are looking for a bouncing, heaving nightlife etc., best go to a more lively resort. If however you are looking for a peaceful relaxing break, you won't find better. The resort has enough good tavernas and drinking holes to keep you interested but the villages are all situated on slopes, so remember transport is a must if you are as old and creaky as me.

Best meals.
Lamb and lemon at the Blue Sea. Cost, two mains, no starters, bread. Four drinks, beers x 2 brandy and coke x 2 Total 37 Euros.
Lamb la Mer and beef in red wine just at the la Mer. No starters, half carafe of wine 1 beer, 1 brandy and coke. Total 27, Euros
Mixed meat in ceramic pot* plus other main, at the Klamatis, can't remember what my wife had. No bread one side, carafe of wine 1 beer 1 brandy total 37Euros.
They were a lot of other meals but these were the ones that stood out.
*I love authentic Greek cooking. If you go here and do not have the meat in ceramic pot, you are going to miss something amazing. All the food from the Klamatis was amazing, Greek cooking the way it used to be before the rush.
Large beer 3- 4 Euros
Spirit 4-5 Euros
Pack of cigarettes 40 Euros for two hundred
Cost of essentials, bread, sugar coffee etc. approx. ten percent dearer than UK.


An unforgettable island
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Category: Kefalonia General

Pine-covered hills, crystal waters sparkling in the sunshine, pastel-colored buildings festooned with flowers, Kefalonia is an island of outstanding natural beauty.
Here, you'll find friendly people, good food and a choice of small, unspoiled harbor towns, such as Fiskardo, Assos and Agia Efimia.
I highly recommend Kefalonia, it left an indelible impression on me, so much so that I chose it as the location for my novel, The Magic In The Receiver.

bibe187 wrote on Aug 29, 2012

Nice *****
I will visit Kefalonia next time.

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Nature is all you have
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Category: Kefalonia General

If you plan to visit Kefalonia, you might be interested to know that it combines relaxation and crazy nightlife. My friends had booked a room in a beautiful beach, Lourdas, close to the town and the airport. It was the ideal choice for us, calm and unspoilt. Along the beach, there were nice taverns although in early July tourists were few.

The beaches are surely the attractions of Kefalonia, like Myrtos and AntiSami, which are the island's most stunning areas. In the third position, I put Skala and then Lourdas. Skala is a lovely place fairly calm and fairly tourist. We mostly enjoyed the food in Kefalonia, which was great in all the taverns we visited and especially in Xi, where we had our best meal.

We didn't really look for clubs except from some little bars in Lassi with modern music and relaxing atmosphere. The next time which I hope will be soon, I plan to stay in the famous Fiscardo. Also the island is ideal for adventurous holidays, we even tried some hiking and I loved it.

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Useful information
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Category: Kefalonia General

For all those who plan to travel to Kefalonia it might be useful to know that Kefalonia has a perfect position to travel a little bit around and to visit neighbors islands. There are several local travel agincies that offer one day trips to Ithaka, Lefkada, Scorpio, Meganissi, but only one of them organizes a trip to Zante. So I'm using this opportunity to recommend to all of you Avalon Kefalonia Travel Services. They are highly profesional, have a great guides, and it was a real pleasure to travel around with them.
Once on island don't miss to visit Assos, beautiful pictoresque village with special atmosphere, for me it was more impressive than Fiscardo, and of course Melissani Lake and Mytros beach.
Argostoli is a nice little town worth seeing, but all beautiful sandy beaches in this part of island are at Lassy, so it might be a perfect combination to stay in Lassy and go to Argostoli by night. If you want to go to Paliki peninsula, there is a regular ferry service between Argostoli and Lixuri.
Of course once on island don't miss to try their famous Robola wine and domestic feta cheese.

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Days of heaven
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Category: Kefalonia General

We stayed in Assos for 1 night on our arrival, the location of the accommodation was lovely, fantastic views, unfortunately pension needed a little updating, especially the bathroom! The rest of our stay was in Fiskardo which was out of this world including the accommodation. We had the last few days in Ratzakli near Skala at Butterfly Meadows which was just lovely, owned by English couple, very hospitable. The views are to die for and a pool as well! The whole island is so beautiful, the people are a delight, no wonder we keep going back year after year!

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jsaston wrote on Jul 18, 2011

It is a very nice place, just returned from our sixth trip...

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Freddy Johnson
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Category: Kefalonia General

Went to atmospheric Assos first time. The second timeour daughter was married on Foki beach just outside Fiskardo. I just couldnt resist and brought a ruin just above Foki beach in the lovely village of Matsoukata overlooking Ithaka on a wooded hill. The pool is just about finished and the roof is going on the ruin. Are we blessed or what?

alexis wrote on Jan 28, 2011

Well, I guess you are :)
Seems that you have a lot of work with the house.

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Surely deserves a second visit
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Category: Kefalonia General

I was in Kefalonia a few years ago with a couple of friends. I will not talk about the beaches and the villages because I'm sure you have heard a lot about these kind of beauties in Kefalonia. Let me just mention a couple of things that impressed us on our trips. First of all, I had a fantastic time in the small hotel where we stayed in Lourdas. Luckily, we rented a car and we could visit some of the best beaches that the island is popular for. Myrtos was just a beautiful beach, as far as I can remember we stayed there for about 6 hours. Lourdas and Antisamos are very nice too. Unfortunately, we missed a lot of great sights of the island but at least we got to visit the Melissani Cave! The complete tour was done by boat where it passes through the island. It is a gorgeous lake with boats, a true paradise. We also visited the Monastery of Sissi constructed on top of a cliff above the sea. The view from up there is magnificent which makes it worthy to visit. Unfortunately no time to go to Fiscardo and Lixouri, hopefully next time. You see the island is so big that it was impossible to see it all at once. The narrow roads were also a reason of delay.

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My idea of holidays
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Category: Kefalonia General

I have been visiting Kefalonia with my family every summer, the last three years in a row, and I am a huge fan of this big beautiful mountainous island with its spectacular sceneries, charming villages and long stretches of sand and sea. On my first visit, we visited places recommended by tourist guides. Lassi and Skala turned out to be two very beautiful choices. Assos and Fiscardo in the north were equally stunning, especially Fiscardo with its picture postcard loveliness. Brightly painted houses lining the waterfront that is bustling with swanky yachts and fishing boats and shaded with lush vegetation that almost touch the waters, make it every bit beautiful as it is made out to be.

On my last visit, I decided to stray off the beaten path and venture into new places not high on the popularity list. And what better place to choose than the Lourdas Bay, to the south of Kefalonia? Personally, my idea of holidays is a tranquil beach and not some peppy resort, where trying to get a sun lounger can be a strain on the nerves and where you have to step over umpteen bodies to find a free spot for your towel. The bay of Lourdas is dotted with small coves that are delightfully deserted and just ahead of the bay, I found a series of coves with rocky outcrops embedded with fossilized shells. Fortunately for me, I had brought my kit along and I can vouch that the place is great for snorkeling. Somewhere along the stretch, was the small bay of Agios Thomas. This again was a great spot for sunbathing and snorkeling with its impressive volcanic rock formations. One of the finest spots along the stretch was a totally uninhabited beach accessible only by a rough path.

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