Kefalonia Local products


The fertile land of Kefalonia offers a variety of excellent agricultural products. Among them, cheese, olives, and wine are the local products of Kefalonia. In general, the food in Kefalonia is similar to the dishes of other Ionian Islands but small variations can be noticed. The traditional dishes of Kefalonia are kreatopita (meat pie), bourbourelia (soup of mixed beans), rabbit stew, strapatsada (eggs with tomatoes), riganada (bread slices with oregano) and potato soup.


Kefalonia is particularly famous for its excellent wine: Robola (dry white wine), Mavrodafni (sweet, thick and dark red wine) and Muscat (sweet white wine) are the three most renowned varieties. The grapes used for the robola wine are cultivated in specific areas of the island. The most famous winery of Kefalonia is the Robola Cooperative right next to the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos in the center of the island.