Organic products being sold over the internet

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With the growth in consumer and producer interest in organic products, an Organic Farmers Cooperative is formulating plans to market and sell organically raised livestock products over the Internet. Farmers and livestock breeders will be presented with another opportunity to enroll with organic production programs within the first half of the next year.
Many monasteries with their own farmland have converted to and adopted organic methods and are selling their farm products. Shortly in the future, you shall be able to purchase organic produce products mainly white cheese and meat from the members of the Agricultural Livestock Cooperative of the Ionian Islands. Most of the members of this body reside on the Kefalonia Island.
The Internet will provide direct contact with consumers and facilitate lower prices says, Spyros Risiakos, a honey producer. 
Kefalonia does not fall within feta cheese’s zone of appellation of origin, and so does not have the right to produce cheese bearing the name of feta. Hence, they claim to produce what is known as 'white cheese'. However, it is hoped that the zone shall expand and allow them to produce feta cheese.
Expected to begin operation early in the year, a website shall announce the availability of products. The products shall be delivered to Athens once or twice a month, depending on the demand for the products.
Greece might be a novice in the area of distributing organic products via the Internet but Italy, Austria and other European countries where organic production is more widespread, the Internet is a more widespread channel of communication between producers and consumers.
Interest in organic products is increasing in Greece. A few months ago approximately 2,800 producers joined organic farming programs, according to statistics from the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food.