Robola Wine Festival, Kefalonia

Aug 12, 2016 — Aug 20, 2016 • Category: Events

Viticulture in Greece has a long, in fact ancient, tradition. Ancient Greeks organized feasts, full of wine, in order to honour the Olympian god Dionysos, who was the god of wine, fertility and festivity. Kefalonia, the largest island washed by the vibrantly coloured Ionian Sea, is known for its wine-making (there is even a reference to it by Homer). Nowadays, Kefalonia still produces high-quality and aromatic wines that can satisfy even the most sophisticated palate.
The most well-known type of wine produced in Kefalonia is undoubtedly the Robola wine, which is actually produced exclusively in there. Robola wine is an aromatic white and dry wine of outstanding quality. Some say that its taste resembles Chardonnay, having fruit-like taste and a gleam golden colour. On August 12th, 13th and during the third week of August, a festival that celebrates the divine Robola wine takes place in the villages Fragata and Valsamata, located in the Omala valley. Robola wine is served in pitchers and the festival lasts all night long. There is a minimal entrance fee that allows you to drink as much as you wish (be careful: enjoy it responsibly!) and there is also traditional Greek food such as “souvlaki”, “goat stew”, Greek salad and Feta cheese (served for an additional minimum cost). Local dance groups participate in the festival and perform traditional dances from Kefalonia and Greece in general. You can dance with all your heart till the early hours.
This summer, visit the astonishing Kefalonia,which is easily accessible by ferry, and enjoy its heavenly white wine Robola in a festival that you will remember!
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