Kefalonia Porto Atheras beach

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General information

Porto Atheras Beach is considered one of the most peaceful and family-friendly beaches on the island.
It's the small harbor and the beach of the beautiful nearby village of Atheras.

Porto Atheras is attractive to swimmers due to its morphology, located on a protected bay, which makes it relatively easy and safe to swim in.
The clean and shallow waters are very calm, and a little warmer than the other beaches on the island, making it ideal for families to visit.

It is a sandy beach, surrounded by luscious nature. The juxtaposition of the deep green surrounding environment, with the clear azure waters is breathtaking.

Keep in mind though, that it's not organized, and it doesn't have a natural shade, so you may need to bring an umbrella with you.

The calm and clear waters make it a perfect environment for swimming and snorkeling. If you enjoy hiking, you'd be happy to find out that you can explore the nearby area, since there are many paths surrounding the beach.
You can also take the trail to end up at Ammidi's beach, a very small and secluded hidden gem of the island.
While you are there, don't forget to visit Saint Spyridon's church with its distinctive indigo color!

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