Kefalonia Agia Sofia beach

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General information

Agia Sophia beach is located along the road that leads from Agia Efimia to Fiscardo villages, and belongs to the municipality of Erissos. The beach is not very popular, therefore, it provides total relaxation and peacefulness to its visitors.
There are some inhabited houses on the beach and, juxtaposed with the wild nature around, offer a nostalgic, almost serene atmosphere.

The beach is located beneath the village of Komitata, and lies on the gulf of the same name.

It is covered with white pebbles, and has crystal clear, deep waters. Olive and fig trees provide plenty of shade.
The houses there are remnants of the pre-earthquake era (before 1953), when a settlement existed right next to the beach. After the earthquake, the settlement was abandoned.
In the middle of the beach, visitors can still see the deserted, old house of a fisherman.

Agia Sophia is not an organized beach but in the summer months, a greek family restaurant provides visitors with food and drinks.

It's a great place for snorkeling, due to its clear, deep waters.
Next to Agia Sophia, lies Horgota Beach, where the famous Hollywood movie, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, was filmed!

Very close to Agia Sophia beach, separated by the old houses, lies Plati Limani Beach. From Agia Sophia, you can reach it on foot. It is white-pebbled, with clean, deep waters as well. The beach is not organized. Access to the beach is much easier by sea, that’s why most of its visitors arrive by yachts or small motorboats.



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