Kefalonia Agia Paraskevi beach

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General information

Agia Paraskevi is the first and the biggest of many beaches and bays you will encounter on the route from Sami to Agia Efimia.
It is located on the east side of Kefalonia, and is more or less, at the same distance between the 2 villages (around 5kms).
The close distance, in combination with the easy access by road, makes it a preferable choice for many visitors from both villages, during the summer months.

The beach is covered in white pebbles and there is a natural shade from the olive trees behind it, to protect you from the sun.
Its crystal-clear, blue waters are perfect for snorkeling.
From there, you will have a direct view of the nearby island of Ithaca.

In general, the beach is organized and offers a lot of amenities.
You can rent a sunbed in a garden-like area, full of grass and trees, from 9.00 pm to 19.00 am.
Agia Paraskevi beach has a shower on its premises.
There is a Greek family restaurant (taverna) on the beach, providing a really nice view together with some tasty, homemade meals.
In addition, there is a snack bar, and you have the option of enjoying the service from your sunbed.



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