Sunday Times recommend Ithaca

• Category: News
Another eminence came for the Greek islands, in particular for Ithaca, this time from the popular and well-esteemed British newspaper Sunday Times. The journalist John Clarke visited the island and wrote a wonderful article entitled "Ithaca, the unspoilt star of the Ionian islands. Enjoy a peaceful place full of mythological promise". This publication praises Ithaca and presents its beauties in a special way. The writer describes Ithaca as a Paradise on Earth and seems to appreciate much its traditional ways. Ithaca, one of the smallest of the Ionian islands, has miraculously managed to retain an innocence and an ambience unsullied by high-rise hotels, breeze-block diving schools or anything resembling a fast-food outlet. Indeed, the fastest food to be seen was at a beachside restaurant in the tiny port of Frikes, where a lone fisherman brought ashore the octopus he had just caught, slapped it hard on the quay several times, and then delivered it up to one of the restaurants that edged the pebble beach in a setting so ridiculously picturesque that you might have wandered on to a film set. The writer also refers to the connection between Lord Byron and Ithaca. He says that when Lord Byron visited the island in August 1823, he was so charmed by its beauties that he wanted to buy it. John Clarke concludes that almost two centuries may have passed since then, but Ithaca still retains its pristine beauty...

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