Corfu Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis in Corfu: The stunning Temple of Artemis was the first and possibly largest stone-built ancient temple in all of Ancient Greece, situated a few kilometers south of Corfu Town, next to the now-formed Corfu Airport. Dedicated to the Greek goddess of Artemis, it was a massive Doric-style temple, having two rows with eight and two rows with seventeen columns, and it is said to have been built between 600 and 580 B.C.

Its foundation ditches and some stone structures are the only things you will encounter if you visit the old site of the temple, while most parts are being housed in the Archaeological Museum of Corfu. The museum houses the western pediment, boasting the legendary Gorgon Medusa, along with her companion Gorgons that are the guardians of the temple, Stheno and Euryale! Plentiful scholars regard this as one of the finest specimens of prehistoric sculpture!