Corfu Roman Baths

The Roman Baths of Corfu in the Ionian, in Greece: Roman Baths can be found in Acharavi, Palaeopolis as well as Benitses in Corfu. The baths that have been excavated in Acharavi, in particular, are believed to be an integral part of a much larger Roman settlement. The baths at Acharavi were damaged due to the construction of a highway. The segment of the Roman Baths that are still preserved was discovered by archaeologists in a piece of privately owned land in 1985.

Roman Baths can also be found at Paleopolis and they are ideally located within close proximity to the magnificent Basilica of Palaeopolis, right on the premises of the esteemed Olive Growing Institue.

The baths at Paleopolis are believed to date back to 200 AD. They were constructed at a time when Emperor Septimus Severus reigned supreme in Corfu. Although the Roman Baths were ruined in the 6th century, one can still see the heating chamber as well as the hypocaust that clearly reveals a high degree of craftsmanship. The picturesque fishing village of Benitses is another fabulous location where one can find the Roman Baths. The significant feature of the Roman Baths here is that their floors were built of mosaic.