Corfu Othoni Island

Othoni Island near Corfu: The western-most of the Ionian islands, Othonoi island is located just northwest to the famous Ionian island, Corfu. Coming under the Corfu prefecture, the island was once used as the capital of the Diapontia Islands Municipality.

This consisted of numerous islands including, Marlera, Mathrachi, and Fano. Othonoi island is most famous for the cave located near the Aspros Ammos beach. This cave is believed to have been the one where Calypso kept Ulysses as her captive. The cave measures to about 100 meters in length and is at least 20 meters high. The best way to visit this cave is through the sea by hiring a boat from Aspros Ammos beach.

The island is not very big and is not highly populated, having still not been drawn into the tourism grind and it has managed to retain its traditional charm.