Corfu Mathraki island

Mathraki island near Corfu: Mathraki is one of the three Diapontian Islands (the others being Othoni and Erikoussa) situated in the north Ionian Sea. The island is tiny and has an area of only three square kilometers. It can be reached by a 45-minute boat ride from the coast of Corfu.

Mathraki has formally about 300 inhabitants. However, only about 20 villagers live permanently on the island due to the inclement weather during which the island's small harbor becomes the only safe haven. The main economic activities on the island are agriculture and fishing, while tourist amenities on Mathraki are rare.

This picturesque island is generally free of tourists, except the occasional hikers willing to go along its rocky coastline. The island offers a serene and restful getaway in a setting of natural beauty and hospitable inhabitants.

Many lovely bays are formed by the magnificent coastline of Mathraki. The infinite beach of Portello, located on the northeastern side of the island, is a lovely, isolated beach. You will certainly enjoy this magnificent beach that reaches up to three kilometers, with its limpid, shallow waters gradually turning into deep.

The big festival of Mathraki takes place every July, attracting mainly residents and tourists from Corfu who arrive on the island to participate in the revelry that includes eating, drinking and dancing till the morning.