Corfu Mathraki island

Mathraki Island near Corfu: The island of Mathraki is a member of the Diapontian Islands and one of the three inhabited ones (besides Ereikoussa and Othoni)! Spotted about 6 km west of northern Corfu, Mathraki is a part of the Ionian Sea while also being not that far away from the shores of Italy!

This picturesque island has a little over 300 inhabitants, though it is said that few of them remain during the winter times because of Mathraki’s rough, stormy weather. It has an elongated shape, stretching vertically about 4 km, and it is accessed via a ferry departing from Corfu Town a few times every week, as well as a boat from Agios Stefanos Corfu during the summertime!

Everything in Mathraki is within walking distance since the travel times from the main Mathraki Port (Plakes) to the marina of Apidies on the other side of the island do not exceed an hour! Take a walk and explore its flora (including the bee orchid), spot one of its small coves, or visit the only sandy shore of the island, Portello Beach, stretching along the eastern shore.

Given that not many tourists decide to visit Mathraki, this remote island hosts no more than five apartment complexes and hotels, along with three taverns in various spots around it. Furthermore, visitors will spot an elementary school, a soccer field, and a couple of gorgeous chapels, whereas once every couple of years or so, a festival is organized in mid-July, attracting people from nearby islands and celebrating until the early morning hours!