Corfu Mandouki

The neighborhood of Mandouki in Corfu: Mandouki is a set of districts situated close to the Old Town, in between the port of Corfu and the revered Church of Platytera. Rumored to have been named after a resident of the area, Mandouki’s outskirts house various historic church buildings, most of which were built throughout the 17th century, including the churches of Agios Andreas and Agios Georgios.

Once mainly a fishing neighborhood in the 1500s, Mandouki helped Corfu have one of its most economically fruitful periods in the early 20th century, as it was one of the densest industrial areas in the Ionian! The neighborhood is full of paved roads, stunning Venetian-style homes, and stone-built pathways, creating a cozy feel as you stroll through its picturesque alleys!

Aside from the permanent residents, Mandouki hosts a plethora of apartment complexes and rooms for renting, a handful of convenience stores and supermarkets, as well as cozy cafeterias and taverns! In addition, the neighborhood also houses an elementary school, a technical high school, a public institute of vocational training, car/motorbike rental services, and a local soccer club.