Corfu Kaiser Bridge

Corfu Kaiser's Bridge: Kaiser Wilhelm II was extremely fond of Corfu and purchased the Achilleion Palace in 1907. Carl Ludwig Sprenger was then appointed as the botanical architect of the palace and was also responsible for the building of the bridge that led to the beach. Named Kaiser's bridge after its owner, the bridge made reaching the beach easier, which otherwise required traveling through the main connecting road on the island.

The bridge was built in such a way that it formed an arch over the road, covering the lower gardens of the Achilleion and the nearby beach. An important landmark today, it is still preserved not only as a symbol of architectural significance but also of imperial vanity.

Today the bridge is not in the form of its past glory since the central section was destroyed by Wehrmacht, during the Second World War, when the island was under German occupation. The destruction was necessary mainly to allow free movement for vehicles.