Corfu Vidos Islet

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Location: Town

The islet of Vidos lies opposite Corfu town. It is quite small in size but hosts many special types of flora and fauna around it, thus it is protected as a nature reserve. In ancient times, this island was known as Pythia or the island of Hera. A strong fortress that was also used as a prison was built there by the French but was destroyed by the British.

It is said that some underwater tunnels, constructed by the French, used to connect Vidos and the four fortresses of Corfu. A Serbian mausoleum also stands close to the small port of Vidos in the memory of the thousands of Serbian soldiers, who had died due to starvation and plague on Corfu in World War I and were buried there.

An outdoor cafeteria and tavern offer refreshment drinks and delicious meals, while you enjoy the view of Corfu town. There are some beaches around the islet, suitable for swimming. You can take any path you like after reaching the islet and you are bound to find one. In summer, a camping site for children works there. Small boats connect the old port of Corfu town, right in front of the Court House, to Vidos.

Boats leave very frequently, almost every half an hour, and the trip takes about 10 minutes. Some diving centers also organize diving excursions around the coasts of Vidos islet.



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