Sea Shell Museum in Corfu

The Sea Shell Museum of Corfu: The Sea Shell Museum of Corfu is housed in a modern building about 2 km before Benitses village, a popular tourist resort in Corfu. This interesting museum is a private initiative of the diver and collector Mr. Napoleon Sagias, who lived in Australia for more than 20 years and returned in 1989 to his homeland, Corfu. Then, having a large collection of seashells and fish fossils, he decided to open this museum, that is now managed by his family.

During the diving adventures of Mr Sagias in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean with his team, he obtained a large collection of shells, fossils, sponges, corals, stuffed fish, sharks and shark teeth, lobsters, crabs, sea urchins, snakes of the sea and many other interesting pieces that are now exhibited in the museum.

The most expensive and rare shell of the museum is the Cypraea fultoni shell, whose price has been estimated at 22,000 USD. Visitors can also see the shell Tridacna gigas, which weighs 65 kg, and Haliotis iris, the most beautiful shell in the world, that can be found in Nea Zealand. In September 1998, the Italian research Institute IREDA awarded the Corfu Shell Museum for its work and the overall contribution.

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