Archaeological Museum in Corfu

The Archaeological Museum of Corfu, Ionian:
The Archaeological Museum of Corfu exhibits findings from several excavated sites in the wider region of the island, like Paleopolis, Kanoni, Garitsa, Kassiopi. The museum is housed in a modern building donated by the municipality of Corfu, in Vraila Armeni street, close to the bay of Garitsa.

Constructed in 1962-65 and inaugurated in 1967, the Archaeological Museum of Corfu was originally founded to host the important findings from the ancient temple of Artemis in Kanoni, however, two more rooms were later added, when new exhibits were brought to light.

The museum houses findings dating from the Prehistoric to the Hellenistic times. The collection consists of bronze and marble statues, funeral offerings, ancient coins, clay pottery, golden jewelry and parts of ancient temples. The most important exhibit of the museum is the impressive Gorgona-Medusa pediment from the temple of Artemis, dating from 585 BC. This pediment was excavated in 1911 and it is considered the oldest stone pediment of an ancient Greek temple.

Other impressive exhibits include a stone lion of Menecrates, which was probably a funeral offering to the famous politician, a limestone pediment from a temple of Dionysus, 13 identical small statues of goddess Artemis and a marble torso of Apollo.

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Guest 2018-11
At last!!
After a complete renovation and many delays in opening the Archaeological Museum of Corfu has finally reopened its doors. Not huge but an interesting, well documented series of exhibits. Well worth a visit.

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