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Take your time to discover
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Category: Corfu General

Nationality: Palestinian
Age: 31
Countries visited: >5-10
The trip: I arrived on the island by ferry boat with Agios Dimitrios . The trip was very good with no delays.
Reasons for going to Corfu: Recommended by friends
Idea of the island/area before arriving: Very beautifull Island for those who like to see beautifull views and to walk. Corfu is a big Island and you need more than 2 weeks to feel satisfied, allot of golden long beackes, mountinous area, green forests, lovely Kerkyra center where you dont feel bored no matter how long you stay... the streats shops and coffees keeps you busy all the time. Go there and you will love it more
Best Beaches: Dassia / Acharavi
Best Activity : Walking, swiming, climping
Anything negative about the island or needs improvement: No it was fabulous.
Recommendations: Take your time to discover the headen beaches in the west and North Sides of the Island. Camping is a beautiful thing and you feel more free than a hotel....
Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 9/10.

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Wonderful Corfu!
4 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Corfu General

Corfu is an amazing island, full of interesting and exciting places to visit and enjoy. The capital city, Kerkyra, is lively and there are many beautiful restaurants and shops, all around the old part of the town, where you can taste Greek national food and buy olive tree souvenirs. Also, there are lots of fantastic beaches, for all tastes - long and sandy Glifada and Agios Gordios beach and beautiful Paleokastritsa bay, on the west; Canal D`Amour in Sidari, on the north, and many others around the island. The Golden Fox panorama view is really one of the most beautiful in the world.

I am very happy I was there this summer and I would like to visit Corfu again.

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Greener than the other islands
4 / 5 stars Rate:

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Category: Corfu General

Nationality: American

Date on the island: July 25 2006

Countries visited: >5-10

The trip: I got to the island by plane with Aegean Airways, it was a pleasant trip.

Reasons for going to Corfu: Greece was recommended by friends and we choose Corfu after reading about the island.

Expectations and opinions: Before coming to Corfu, we had read that the island had beautiful flowers and was greener than the other islands we planned to visit -- Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini. So we chose to visit Corfu for the contrast. Since we had visited Italy before, we were also interested in Corfu because of it's history and architecture.

- Island/area: 10/10

- Landscapes: 10/10

- Tree Covered: 8/10

- Beaches & waters: 8/10

- Cleanliness: 1010

- Villages: 10/10

- Main Town: 10/10

- Food/ restaurants: 10/10

- Nightlife: NA

- Local people: 10/10

- Accommodation: 10/10

- Activities: 10/10

- Excursions: 5/10

- Sightseeing: 10/10

- Prices: 8/10

- Public Transportations: 5/10.

- Authenticity 10/10

- Peace & quiet 8/10

- Weather 9/10

Best Beaches: In our short stay, we didn't swim, but loved the beauty of the Paleokastritsa.

Best Villages: Kalami

Best Activity: Exploring Corfu Town

Best restaurant: Rex

More: Second best restaurant is La Cucina

Negative opinion: We rode the tourist ?train? from to the Archeological sites of Corfu Town and were disappointed that one could not get off the train, walk around the sites and gardens, and then ride a later train back to the town center.

Recommendations: Rent a car from Spyridon & Mary Lemmis on Kapodistriou Street and explore the island on your own. Carry a swim suit in the car as you can use the beautiful pool when stopping at the Golden Fox overlooking Paleokastritsa.

I would recommend this island to anyone.

Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 9/10.

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Really nice holidays on Corfu
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Category: Corfu General

Nationality: German

Age: 50

The trip: We flew direcltly. The flight was fine.

Reasons for going to Corfu: My friends told me about it and it looked nice in the brochures.

Idea before arriving: That it wouldn't be too big and that it would be very green. I went once in the Cyclades and it was too dry.

Expectations and opinions: Better than expected. It is rally a beautiful island with many things to do. The town is amazing and very interesting. Nice walks there. The landscpapes are also beautiful and green with many olive tree. There is a large choice of beaches but the one I prefered is Paleokastritsa. Many activities are proposed all arround the island like scuba diving.

Favorite thing about Corfu: The many different areas, the beaches, the weather and our accommodation.

Negative opinion: The island is very crowded. Rubbish in the streets, the loud motorbikes driving around at night.

Recommendations: Just go there and enjoy the area. Try to avoid the touristy areas. You will find the authenticity you are looking for. Try the smaller tavernas. There are those were you eat the better.

I will definitely go back to Corfu. Really loved it!

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The best restaurant in Moratika!
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Category: Corfu General

We went to the Barbayiannis restaurant in Moratika every night for our evening meal (2 doors up from the Hotel Alkionis). It was just fantastic, great value for money, lots of choice and the hosts were really friendly. I would highly recommend!

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Some great places, some bad places
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Category: Corfu General

Nationality: German

Age: 43

The trip: We arrived on Corfu Island by plane. The trip was very easy (direct) and on time.

Reasons for going to Corfu: I have friends who bought a house on the island and invite me every year. It is the first time I took the time to go. They made a good advertisment of the island and I also wnated to see Greece.

Idea before arriving: I had heard much about the island. My friends told me many good things. I also checked for pictures on the web and it looked really beautiful. I was fascinated by the fact that the island is located in front of Albania. I was waiting for an island with a beautiful and imperial town, lot of vegatation and great beaches.

Expectations and opinions: It really met my expectations. I really loved it and it was very easy for me to get arround as my friends now the island very well. We managed to avoid the busy areas. It is a really beautiful island. There are some really good places and some other that are not so good. Some place are made just for tourists. All the commercial activities are for tourists. And no authenticity. I am wondering if the tourists who choose this kind of areas have any idea of the real beauty that the island has to offer. There are many incredible places on the island and really picturesque villages.

Favorite thing about Corfu: The local people and have some late afternoon walks in the alleys of the beautiful town of Corfu.

Negative opinion: Some places have been created just for tourists. The prices some times are more expensive than in Germany!

Recommendations: Just look arround the island. There will be somewhere that suits you!

Yes, I will go to Corfu Island again.

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Great place for holidays
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Category: Corfu General

Nationality: German

Age: 41

The trip: I arrived on the island of Corfu by plane.I have had a very good trip and not very long. Was really happy to be on holidays.

Reasons for going to Corfy: It?s a well-known island and wanted to visited it. I have been to other places of Greece before and had heard much about Corfu Island. I heard that the prices there were correct. I visited some websites and their pictures really impressed me. The town looked incredibly beautiful.

Idea before arriving: That I would stay in a confortable apartment surrounded by beautiful landscapes and with the view of the sea. That I would spend my days laying on the white sandy beaches and swimming in the crustalin clean waters. That some hot days I will go for some excursions arround the island in order to see the local way of life and mountain villages and that the night I will go to the restaurants and try for new tastes. I love the mediteranean food and was wondering if the fact that the island is near Italy (and was also under the italian domination) would had inspire the food of Corfu.

Expectations and opinions: Yes, definietely, 100%. Loved this island. It is very big and gives you the opportunity to see many different things. You never get bored. I also loves the main town of Corfu. Remind me in some ways of the architecture of Italy. It is really a great place for holidays.

Favorite thing about Corfu: Hard to say one thing, the local people were very frienly, nice beaches, good food, etc...

Negative opinion: Many mosquitos and much traffic in the town. Some part of the island has big roads and destroys the beauty.

Recommendations: Pack lots of repellant.

Yes, I will be happy if I could go again to Corfu. Maybe I will also try to visit the other islands of the Ionian (so different than the islands of the Aegean)

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Incredible town and well preserved
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Category: Corfu General

Nationality: French

Age: 42

The trip: The trip from Paris was very pleasant. Then the coach transfer to our accommodation was very well organised and the staff really welcoming.

Reasons for going to Corfu: I went in Corfu many years ago and wanted to rediscover the island in compagny of my wife and children. The first time I went there I found the island extremely beautiful.

Idea before arriving: I knew the island was really beautiful with great landscpapes and incredible beaches. I was just afraid that the island would have become too much touristy with too many hotels.

Expectations and opinions: Yes, it met my expactations again and my family's also. The island is always as beautiful as the first time I had visited. The town is always a real jewel but was a little disapointed that the traditional way of life have almost disapeared. Many touristy shops, jewelries and also a MacDonald and a greek version called "Goodies". But it is always as beautiful. With its small roads and the incredible architecture. I discovered for the first time the many museums the town offers.

Favorite thing about Corfu: The town is the most beautiful town of Greece that I have ever visited. The people are extremely kind.

Negative opinion: Too much people and many italians. The town reminds Napoli and if the people are also speaking italian then you think that you are in Italy! Much traffic also. Many noisy motorbikes and scooters.

Recommendations: The food is really great on Corfu Island but you should try to find for smaller and hidden tavernas that offer the traditional things.

Yes, I would love to go to Corfu again. I really spent great time there. I would love to go there for easter. The customs there are supposed to be of great interest.

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Really nice but crazy drivers
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Category: Corfu General

Nationality: German

Age: 42

The trip: By air, the trip was really good. Used to business trips and for once it was for holidays. Even better than usual.

Reasons for going to Corfu: Always wanted holidays in Greece. Corfu island was recommended by my best friends.

Idea before arriving: I thought it would be very pretty and very quiet.

Expectations and opinions: Not at first. But then I slowly discovered the island and find it really great. Great beaches, incredible town, good food and friendly people. The accommodation was also very comfortable and the staff very very helpful.

Favorite thing about Corfu: The great weather, beautiful scenery and friendly locals.

Negative opinion: Feel unsafe walking as no proper pavements or no pavements. Some drivers drive too fast especially mopeds.

Despite that, I would be very happy if I could go to the island of Corfu again. Had really relaxing time there.

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Very attractive island
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Category: Corfu General

Nationality: English

Age: 28

The trip: By plane and then transfer by coach!

Reasons for going to Corfu: Corfu Island was recommended by friends.

Idea before arriving: Very attractive island of Greece and very hot.

Expectations and opinions: It is better than what I thought. From my hotel you could reach everything by foot: beach, nightlife,...

Favorite thing about Corfu: The people are very welcoming, very clean island

Negative opinion: There is nothing negative about the island.

I would love to go back there.

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