Corfu Beach Festival

May 19, 2016 — May 23, 2016 • Category: Events

The best beach party of the Ionian Sea in Corfu is opening its doors again for the audiences from the 19th to the 23rd of May this year. Corfu Beach Festival is a 5-day event that features more than 30 hours of workshops, 4 nights of wild partying, 2 beach parties, a boat party, a gala dinner with the artists and many more. The festival will be taking place in Delfinia Hotel, just 20 km south of Corfu Town Center and about 19 km from Kapodistrias airport.
Corfu is by far one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. Its big size, long beaches and rich sightseeing make it a very attractive destination for all kinds of visitors the whole year round. Located on the northwestern part of Greece, the island boasts a cosmopolitan character with many picturesque village and a busy Old Town with shops and taverns. Especially the Town boasts an old Venetian architecture due to the island’s rule by the Venetians in the Medieval Ages.
This year, the festival in the southern part of Corfu will be hosting music events from more than 20 artists, djs and performers from around Europe with a lot of Afro and Reggaeton touches on them. Artists like Petchu and Vanessa, Toni y Lara, Puglyboy Biskit and Damaris and more will be making their appearance on the island while dance styles like Bachata (dance style from the Dominican Republic) and Kizomba (dance style from Angola) will be immersing the audience into some crazy exotic rhythms.
Workshops will be starting on the 19th of May and will be including dance lessons on various exotic dance styles and various other acrobatics courses. At the same time there will be a party with a Dj every night where you can enjoy uplifting music until late after midnight. On Sunday, the programme includes the boat party, while the last day, Monday, is filled with sightseeing and the beach party at night. On Saturday, there will also be a dinner organised for the cause of fundraising for the Solange Masirika Tumaini Foundation.
The ultimate goal is to provide guests with the outmost fun and knowledge. You can already book your room and ticket now and enjoy the party if you find yourself in Corfu during late May. It will certainly be an amazing experience to explore the island and have a bit of partying at the same time.