Corfu Varkarola Festival

The Varkarola Festival in Corfu: Varkarola is a well-known nighttime event that is held on Corfu Island each summer! It is a mock recreation of the battle that took place on August 11th, 1716, that ended in a Turkish retrieval. It is believed that Saint Spyridon worsened the weather conditions, creating an unfavorable battlefield. The unprecedented extreme weather halted the actions of the Turks, who otherwise were well on their way to conquering the island and the rest of the Ionians.

The event takes place either in the bay of Paleokastritsa in western Corfu or in the bay of Garitsa near Corfu Town on a Saturday closest to August 11th. As the mock battle occurs, an array of small boats travel alongside the bay, whereas local bands play traditional tunes, and Corfiot dancers give the visitors a show!

Concluding the Varkarola event, a boat is set on fire for symbolic reasons, in memory of the burning of the Turkish naval in the 1716 siege. Paired with a highly-impressive firework display, the battle recreation and the lit night sky present an anticipated festival that attracts myriads of tourists and local visitors each year!