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General information

Located on the northwestern part of the island, near the small traditional village of Afionas, the beach of Porto Timoni in Corfu consists of two different but equally beautiful beaches separated by a strip of land, resulting in a unique formation that resembles a tombolo beach.

Both shores are covered with shingles and pebbles and surrounded by lush greenery, boasting crystal-clear waters in the shades of turquoise and teal! Furthermore, its seabed is ideal for snorkeling purposes, while the nearby sea cave is also worth visiting! The beaches have different water temperatures, so you may choose where to swim depending on your preferences.

The two beaches are secluded and can only be reached via a path or by boat. These off-the-beaten-track seashores are unorganized, hosting no facilities, and they are sparsely visited, mostly due to their remote location. Plus, the views over Porto Timoni are stunning at any time of the day, and a visit during the afternoon will guarantee you a worthwhile view of the sunset.

Porto Timoni Map

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