Corfu Porto Timoni

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General information

Porto Timoni beach is one of the most impressive hidden gems to discover in Corfu. It is a totally unspoiled beach, with a scenic natural landscape and although it is quite difficult to reach, the magical scenery makes it totally worth it!

Porto Timoni is located on the northwestern part of the island, near the small traditional village Afionas. In fact, it consists of two different but equally beautiful beaches that are separated by a strip of land, resulting in a unique formation that resembles a tombolo beach.
Undiscovered by mass tourism due to its remote location, this off-the-beaten-track seashore may not be extremely popular, although there has been at least some activity since the ancient times, as various archeological findings suggest.

The two beaches are secluded and can only be reached via a path or by boat. They are unorganized, without any kind of facilities, so you will have to bring your own snacks, water, a sun umbrella and any other necessities.

Both beaches are covered with shingle and pebbles and they are surrounded by lush greenery. They have crystal clear waters, in the shades of turquoise, teal and everything in-between. The beaches have different water temperatures, so you will have the opportunity to choose where to swim depending on your preferences.

Porto Timoni looks amazing at any time of the day, although hiking to get there under the midday sun is not a very good idea because of the heat. On the other hand, if you are visiting during the afternoon, it is worth staying there for a bit longer to watch the sunset.

Very close to the beach, there is a deep sea cave with cold waters. The seabed is also quite interesting and bringing snorkeling equipment is highly recommended.
A hike from Timoni will take you to Cape Akra Arilla, where you will find a small beach and the ruins of a prehistoric settlement.



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