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Yoga Paxos

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Yoga is one of the most powerful healing practices, benefiting us in numerous ways in order to find our inner selves as well as mental and physical balance. The context that yoga is practiced within is rather significant, too; a tranquil environment with peaceful vibes, close to nature and its ...
Logos, Paxi

Yoga Rocks

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Once upon a yoga retreat Yoga Rocks was along the coast at a lovely spot in Triopetra. Now they are at Agios Pavlos, nearer the sea and still enjoying helping their guests have a proper retreat.You’ll find Yoga Rocks on the stunning unspoiled Southern Cretan coast. They host internationally ...
Agios Pavlos, Rethymno

Yoga Sadhaka

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Meditative yoga is the Classical Holistic Yoga that combines the principals of the wise Patanjali in its practice. Its creation happened over 55 years ago by the Spiritual teacher Paramahamsa Satyananda who placed certain principals upon its practice so that the trainee could experience the ...
Glosa, Skopelos

Yoga with Veronika

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Yoga is a unique way to revive your spirit, come to terms with your body, and allow yourself to heal by finding inner peace. Santorini, in particular, is a place of unique energy, ideal for total relaxation and cleansing of any mental and physical burdens - and why not pamper yourself during ...
Karterados, Santorini


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YOGAqua is a natural extension of the timeless practice of Yoga fused with the exciting art of Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding (SUP). Participants in our classes learn how to properly use a Stand-Up Paddle-Board and how to perform dozens of different Yoga poses while serenely floating on the natural ...
Agia Paraskevi, Skiathos

Yogi Life

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Yogi Life is a fitness center in Nafpaktos offering different yoga and fitness programs, such as aerial, kids, or prenatal yoga, as well as pilates. There are a lot of morning and evening classes from Monday to Friday.
Town, Nafpaktos