Greece Means of Transportations

Discover the means of transport in Greece in order to move between the cities, the mainland and the Greek islands.
Transportation is well organized even if some locations in Greece are hard to access.

In brief, what is the best way to travel to Greece and move around?
You can reach the International Airport of Athens and then move around by plane, bus/car, train, or ferry.
Some popular locations have an international airport (Santorini, Mykonos, and more) so you can fly directly there and then take a ferry to another island.

Flights to Greece


The most popular way of reaching Greece is, of course, the plane. The International Airport of Athens Eleftherios Venizelos receives most flights from abroad. From there, tourists go via another plane or a ferry to the islands. Many airports lie across Greece, though, especially in large cities and popular islands.
In tourist season, charter flights from abroad also land on the islands and some airports on the mainland.



The most preferred way to go from Athens to the Greek islands is by ferry.
It is the easiest option even if many flights to the Greek islands are available. Although Piraeus is the central port of Athens, many ferries also depart from the ports of Rafina and Lavrion.
The majority of ferries in Greece are modern and offer a convenient trip.
As for international routes, there are ferries from Italy (Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, and Venice) to the western ports of Greece (Igoumenitsa, Patra, Corfu) and from Turkey to some islands of the Dodecanese and Eastern Aegean (and vice versa).
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Car Rental in Greece

Cars & Car rental

Cars are the best and most secure way of transportation when you are in a specific location and want to get around.
Car rental agencies are situated in the most popular places in Greece and the Greek islands. The main road networks in Greece are modern and in good condition, but the regional roads need carefulness as many of them are narrow and winding.
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Trains in Greece


The most popular train route in Greece is from Athens to Thessaloniki. Northern and central Greece is also served by the rail network.
However, trains in Greece are not popular as suburban KTEL buses, although in many cases, the train fare can be cheaper than the bus ticket.
Trains are not the best transportation way as the infrastructure is old and trains are slow.

Buses in Greece

Buses (KTEL)

The KTEL buses are green in color and connect Athens to many towns on the mainland. Itineraries are regular and tickets can be bought just before the trip, even though that is not recommended.
It is the most popular way of transportation between areas of the Greek mainland.

Taxis in Greece


Taxis are easy to find in Athens and most areas of Greece visited by tourists. There are taxi ranks outside airports, train stations, ports and also outside the most popular spots in Athens and the Greek islands.
To stop a taxi, just go to the side of the street and raise your hand. It is a good way of transportation for small distances and fares are quite cheap compared to other European countries.
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Transportation info by location

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