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Greece recipes


Added on 15-07-2008

This is probably the most famous Greek dessert. Its origin is Turkish but over the years it has been known as a Greek sweet. Baklava is mostly made at Christmas or on special occasions.


Added on 07-05-2008

This dish is made mostly in spring because it needs fresh vine leaves. It is served mostly cold and it is known all over Greece.


Added on 02-02-2017

The famous custard pastry


Added on 10-06-2008

Gemista is actually stuffed tomatoes, peppers, marrows and eggplants. It is a summer dish and it is better tasted when it is cold.

Gemista by Despoina

Added on 25-01-2017

Stuffed bell peppers


Added on 16-05-2008

This dish is actually meat balls soup and it is mainly prepared in winter, because it is served hot.

Greek Coffee

Added on 20-01-2017

Rich and velvety coffee with kaimaki.

Greek Salad

Added on 12-01-2017

A fresh green salad spiked with feta and olives.


Added on 08-06-2017

Greek Semolina Cake


Added on 02-06-2008

This traditional dish from Evia island is actually a variety of melitzanosalata (eggplant salad). It is served chilled as a dip.


Added on 18-02-2017

Easter Sesame Biscuits


Added on 25-04-2018

Greek / Cypriot Village Bread


Added on 07-05-2008

You will find this dish in many different versions. It is actually the most famous Greek traditional recipe and it is made all over the country.


Added on 18-01-2017

Greek Pasta Bake


Added on 27-06-2008

Skordalia is actually garlic sauce. It is generally a spicy dish but if you prepare it yourself, you can make it as spicy as you want, depending on the amount of garlic, olive oil and salt you shall add. It is a very popular sauce in Greece and you can ac


Added on 08-01-2017

Traditional Greek Spinach Pie


Added on 14-05-2008

This is a vegeterian dish, light and delicious. It is actually spinach with rice, so do not try it if you don't like spinach.


Added on 14-05-2008

This dish is actually boiled rabbit. It can be also made with beef, but the typical stifado is always made with rabbit meat, which is more delicious.


Added on 20-06-2008

This recipe is actually a kind of tomato omelette. It is quick to make and tasty. You can prepare it all year round.

Stuffed squids

Added on 07-05-2008

You are most likely to try stuffed squids in Greece in summer, when seafood is prefered. This dish is not so widely-known and takes some effort to prepare it, yet the result is delicious.


Added on 21-01-2018

Cypriot Baked Lamb


Added on 07-05-2008

Tzatziki is the most prefered sauce among the Greeks and it is also very popular to tourists. It has a slightly spicy taste and usually accompanies meat dishes. Here is a quick and easy version of its preparation.

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