Summer holidays in Greece & the islands

Greece is mostly known as a destination for summer holidays and most tourists come to the islands in summer months to enjoy all the positive features that Greece has to offer them. In fact, the tourism season in Greece starts in May and lasts till the beginning of October, which means that tourists come as soon as the warm weather starts and leave when the first autumn rains fall.

The warm weather is one of the things that people love in Greece. It is not random that most tourists come from countries where the weather is mainly cold, cloudy and rainy, such as Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Canada and the U.S.A. The warm weather brings joy and peace in the people's heart and cheers them up. They make them see the joyful way of things and when they go back to their countries, they are more positive than before.

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Information and where to go


Another characteristic of Greece that tourists love is the beaches. Greece has many types of beaches, found along the mainland coastline and the Greek islands. There are small or large beaches, sandy, pebbled or rocky, clean or others with sea wracks, with a green or a bare surrounding, popular or isolate. However, one thing is for sure: they all give you this nice familiar feeling of exhaust combined with satisfaction, when you lay on the warm sand, after you get tired of swimming.

The most popular resorts in Greece are the Greek islands. The Cyclades islands, in particular, are known all over the world for its special architecture. They have narrow, paved alleys and most of their buildings and churches are painted in blue and white, as a combination of the blue sea and the clear white sky above the Aegean. One of the most famous village of the Cyclades is Oia.

Greece offers visitors a lot of things to do in summer. Apart from swimming in the beautiful beaches, tourists can also try watersports, such as sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, hiking along the charming paths in the Greek countryside, visiting important historical places or just relax, having a drink in the many beach bars by the sea. Once you come to Greece, you will discover that this last habit is the favourite among Greeks and foreigners, as people in Greece love having a drink at the beach, where they spend many hours of their vacations.

Where to go?

The most famous and popular holiday resort in Greece is doubtlessly Santorini island: this volcanic island in the middle of the Aegean Sea with the incredible views to the caldera, the picturesque villages and the most romantic sunset! Santorini is not that famous for the beaches but for the romantic setting. It is not random that this is the top wedding and honeymoon destination in the world!

The second most popular destination in Greece is Mykonos island, the island of youth and fun. This is the island of all day and night parties, with the incredible beaches and the picturesque town. Mykonos is often described as the Ibiza of Greece.

For something more traditional and family, you should try Kefalonia island. This island of the Ionian Sea offers amazing beaches with crystal water (like Myrtos, Xi, Lourdas and Antisamos), picturesque villages (like Assos, Agia Efimia and Fiscardo) and great natural sights, including the two lake-caves of Melissani and Drogarati.

Crete island is also among the most famous summer resorts in Greece. This large island combines everything you could ask in vacations, from lovely beaches and traditional villages to wild landscape, natural wonders and historical sights. This is mostly an island for adventurers, where a car would be better required to see all the marvellous things that Crete has to offer.

An island for both romantic couples and families is Rhodes island, the largest of the Dodecanese islands. It is often called the "Island of the Knights", for it has one of the most beautiful Medieval Towns in Europe. Rhodes also has lovely beaches, both organized or secluded.

Another beautiful Greek island is Corfu island, located on the northern Ionian Sea. This was one of the first islands to develop in tourism, due to its strong cultural connections to Europe. Corfu has both developed tourism resorts, including Paleokastritsa, Gouvia, Dassia or Benitses, and other regions that have maintained a more traditional style, like Nissaki, Kassiopi and Agios Matheos.

Every year, more and more people choose Greece for their summer holidays and most of them have the time of their lives. Greece and the Greek islands include resorts to satisfy all preferences. Surf our web pages and discover the most appropriate for you!

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