Greece events holidays

Many festivals and events take place in Greece, particularly in summer. These festivals are usually organized by public or private organizations, by local cultural centres or the municipality. These events include theatrical performances, musical concerts, film screenings, lectures or workshops. Some events are even organized in English, so that they address to a wider public.

The most important summer event in Greece, ideal for events holidays, is the Greek Festival. This festival includes mainly theatrical, musical and dance performances that take place in various venues of Athens, in Herodeion Theatre and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. In fact, this is the clue of the event, that ancient Greek dramas are presented every weekend of July and August in the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the open theatre with the best acoustics in the world.

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Other smaller but important festivals for events holidays take place in the islands, such as the Bazeos Festival in Naxos island, the Ploes Events in Andros island, the Casa dei Mezzo Music Festival in Makrigialos Crete or the Megaron Gyzi Festival in Santorini island. Of course, every town and island in Greece organizes its own cultural events in summer that range from beach parties to lectures or even representations of ship battles.

Major events are also organized in winter in Greece, particularly in Athens and Thessaloniki, the two largest towns of the country. In fact, Thessaloniki hosts the International Trade Fair in September, the International Film Festival in November, the International Documentary Festival in March and a large Book Fair in May. Athens also has a rich cultural activity all year round.

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