Autumn Holidays in Greece & the islands

When busy summer ends, a truly rejuvenating season comes in Greece: autumn. Although it has a melancholic tone, autumn is the season to recover and reboot. Crowds return home, the temperature is not exhaustingly hot and nature changes.

Autumn holidays in Greece is a chance for a deep insight into the Greek culture. In early autumn (early September to mid October) people still go swimming although the sea is not as hot as in summer. The weather is sunny but can be pretty windy some days in the islands. Tourists are fewer, there are no loud parties till the early hours, making it a great season for the elderly, and of course prices are lower.

These days are wonderful for exploring the beautiful nature of Greece, either in the Greek islands or in the Greek mainland. As the temperature is lower (around 10-15oC in autumn months), many hikers come in Greece in autumn to explore old stone footpaths.

The second half of autumn, from mid October to late November, is the chance to see the Greek countryside at its best. This is the season when the Greeks harvest the olive trees and produce high-quality olive oil, press grapes to make wine, gather fruits from the trees and make jams, produce raki and tsipouro from the wine extracts. This is also the time when village houses light the fireplaces and there is a light fire smoke all around the village streets.

In order to live these authentic experiences, many foreigners actually come to Greece in autumn and participate voluntarily in these activities. There are volunteer places for olive harvesting, jam making or wine production. Many agrotourist farms are found in the Greek mainland, in Crete island and even smaller islands, like Corfu island and Ikaria island, giving people the chance to experience the autumn side of Greece.

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Autumn packages

Here are the packages that we suggest for autumn holidays in Greece. In general, the Greek islands are nice destinations for calm autumn holidays, at least until mid October when the tourist season ends for most islands. Weather in September and October is nice for swimming and not that hot as in summer. Autumn is also a great time for bus tours in the Greek mainland, so that visitors discover the famous ancient Greek sites and small picturesque towns. If you have a certain route for your autumn break in Greece, ask our team to organize it.

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