Art holidays in Greece & the islands

Finding or looking for a cultural and fine art holidays in Greece seems absolutely natural... Where else could you find a place with such a rich history in Art, a land that provides inspiration to artists for thousands of years by now. It was actually as early as in 500 BC, when Greek artists first painted the human form in three dimensions!

If you are fond of art, of any kind of it, Greece art holidays are the ideal choice for inspiring and entertaining you. Cultural holidays represent an alternative aspect about vacations for those who seek fun and relaxation, but also a deeper insight into the real culture. The whole idea is active participation in seminars, courses and workshops under the guidance of local specialists and professionals, willing to share their secrets of their work with you.

Through a fascinating experience, you will be able to employ all your senses in the most interesting expressions of the Greek culture and tradition such as Byzantine iconography, pottery, sculpture, landscape drawing, mural painting, creative writing and many more.

The local communities and organizations support those initiatives scheduled by selected travel agencies, as part of their overall efforts of promoting quality tourism. Their target group consists of visitors with high interest in Greek art. Those activities take place in beautiful locations in Greece, such as old villas, restored houses and gardens, traditional residences or even quaint olive groves and olive press buildings.

Art holidays in Greece are a perfect combination of entertainment, rest and learning, a realization of an alternative vacation, as well as the precious contact with people from different places and cultures of the world.

The islands are of course on top of the list of art holiday destinations, incorporating the Greek dream of sun, blue sea, sandy beaches and warm weather. Some of those include Rhodes island, Paros island, Patmos island, Ithaca island and Lesvos island. The Greek mainland, though, is not excluded from the choices of art holidays, with Ancient Olympia, Methana, offering such a kind of vacation.

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Painting & Landscape Drawing

In this kind of art holiday, professional and experienced tutors on Ithaca, Olympia, Methana or else teach you different media including watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oils, mixed media and drawing. The duration depends on the program you will choose, but they usually last for a total of 6-8 hours per day. Of course, this always a holiday and you are free to take as many breaks you wish and take as much free time you need! With the help of examples from the history of art you will be inspired to view unspoilt landscapes and work with a new insight.

There are also Bio-Art courses and workshops designed for people of all ages, which assist individuals in exploring and expressing their connection with the natural environment. Apart from the painting and drawing lessons, those courses may include seminars on various healing arts and healing workshops, as well as about bio-dynamic agriculture.

Pottery & Ceramics

If you are interested in Greek pottery, you can choose one of the pottery holidays offered, such the one on Lesvos and learn the various techniques of making Mycenaean clay vessels of the Mycenaean and Cretan type. You will learn how to create, biscuit fire and decorate objects of your choice like plates, cups or small statues and you will also visit other potteries and their exhibitions.

Icon Painting

Since Greece is a country with deeply rooted religion, it has developed a rich art culture in iconography. The stories of the Books of the Bible are presented on the Byzantine icons of the churches and the monasteries all over Greece. The island of Patmos is the most significant icon painting holiday, as it was the island where Saint John wrote the Apocalypse.

On the courses you will learn the whole procedure of creating a Byzantine icon, from the preparation of the wood to the final writing of the saint's name. There are also some complementary activities and events for an even more exciting experience, such as fishing trips, excursions to monasteries, churches and mythology seminars.

Art holiday courses in Greece

Skopelos Foundation for the Arts (SkopArt) was founded by Gloria Carr in 1999 and aims to promote the arts through cultural exchange. It provides summer courses in painting, ceramics, photography, printmaking and more.

Artists on the Move is run by the painter and printmaker Neva Bergemann. Based on the island of Paros, she offers summer art courses.

Artemis Retreats is based on Hydra. Enjoy a week of relaxation, creativity and inspiration. Learn to create holiday sketchbooks exploring different media like watercolors, collages and acrylics.

Metaxart Summer Painting Workshops take place in Kefalonia island. They are run by visual artist Natasha Metaxa in a traditional studio in the village of Poros. The aim of the workshops is to enrich the painting abilities of the students and enhance the visual memory.

Limnisa is located in a unique and special location by the sea on the unspoilt, gorgeous Methana peninsula. Step back and find space to be creative and mindful. Limnisa offers retreats and workshops for writers, artists and anyone creative.

Must Sea Greece offers memorable and affordable 7 day painting holidays in Greece. We combine the right balance of learning, creating, sightseeing, relaxation and socialising. All abilities are catered for. Solo travellers are most welcome.

Greek Island Painting Trips offers art trips on the islands of Kalymnos and Telendos. Courses are given by qualified and well-known British artists/tutors.

Art Holidays Abroad is led by artist and tour representative Linda Griffiths. The art courses take place in different islands every time and in small intimate groups.

Island Center for the Arts is cooperating with the Massachusets College of Art and Design and offers art programs in painting, printmaking and books arts on the island of Skopelos.

Artists Sculpture Workshop is run by Nicole Durand and courses take place every May or June on the island of Kythnos, Cyclades.

Icarian Centre offers intensive Greek language courses for non-native speakers, on island of Ikaria. It also organizes art workshops.

Skyros is an alternative holiday retreat in the Greek island of Skyros. This retreat offers alternative and holistic holiday seminars, including many different art seminars.

Artemis studio proposes art workshops on the beautiful island of Ikaria. They offer Ceramic, Wheel throwing, Engraving and Painting lessons & week-long seminars for Raku. They are located in Nas village above Chalaris canyon, overlooking the Aegean.

The Koroni Art Experience - Creative breaks tailored to your needs. Individual tuition and small groups of friends. Choose your own dates. Traditional village in southern Peloponnese.

The Iris Art Center - It provides art workshops and artistic coaching for artists, students and creatives of all ages and abilities. It organizes full board workshops and residencies on a small scale (2-8 people). Their aim is to support participants to develop their personal artistic voice.

Tanvi Pathare will be teaching, a plein-air/ Landscape and figure en plein-air Painting workshop in Zakynthos.

Gaia Ceramics and Stella Rokkou are happy to invite you and your friends, to a unique experience of art holidays at the beautiful city of Kavala in Greece. Unroll your artistic expression through one of these ceramics seminars, specially designed for beginners, while spending your holidays in one of the most beautiful cities of northern Greece.

Watercolor Workshops - painting holidays with George Politis AWS, RI in the Greek islands, Santorini and Paros. All inclusive, all levels welcome.

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