Agrotourism holidays in Greece & the islands

Agrotourism holidays is a relatively new and yet undeveloped form of tourism in Greece. Although the country has large spaces of land and cultivations of many Greek products, this tourism form still has to be developed. Agrotourism holidays in Greece will offer to foreign tourists a deep insight in ecology, farming, regional gastronomy and local customs of Greece. Away from mass tourism spots and large crowds, agrotourism offers the chance to come into contact with the Greek nature and be part of an authentic village community.

Visitors to agrotourist farms in Greece can observe the agricultural activities and also work as volunteers if they want. Working with the land is a new experience for the city people who have no farming background or knowledge. Autumn is the period where most agricultural works are done in Greece. This is when people harvest the olives trees, press the olive oil, make wine, tsipouro or raki, gather seasonal fruits from the trees and vegetables from the earth, collect mushrooms and herbs from the mountainsides and make jams, spoon sweets and cheese.

Apart from taking part in farm activities, many agricultural farms also organize seminars for cultivations of various products and cooking Greek recipes with fresh seasonal ingredients. They may also organize workshops for pottery, knitting or other folk activities of the Greek countryside. Of course, agrotourism holidays in Greece is most of the time combined with mountain sports in the nature, including mountain biking, mountaineering, hiking, bird watching or horse riding.
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Agrotourist farms in Greece

Stella Vineyard is found on the southern side of Kefalonia island. Visitors are welcome to attend and help in the wine making process in autumn.

Ikarian Wine is an agrotourism farm on the island of Ikaria. It produces organic products and wine. The farm also offers wine and cooking courses.

Red Tractor Farm is found on the island of Kea. Its guests can involve in wine and jam making, while over the last years the owners have started an acorn initiative.

Dalabelos is an agrotourism estate located in Rethymno Crete, at the village of Ageliana. Its farm has an olive grove, a large vineyard, fruit trees, wild herbs and domestic animals.

La Maison Verte Amande is located on the island of Kea. It is a traditional house dating from 1880, extended with elegance and carefully restored, 15 km of the harbor of Korissia, one of the nicest island beaches, the bay of Spathi.

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