Learn Greek language

Over the last years, there is a large interest in learning the Greek language. Many online courses have been set up for learning Greek and also many summer courses take place in the Greek islands.

Online courses

Here are some online courses to learn the Greek language:

Greek Summer Courses

Summer courses available in the Greek islands combining holidays and Greek language studies:

  • - The Athens Centre is an educational organization founded in 1969 and is affiliated with more than 20 American colleges and universities
  • - Ikarian Centre, organizing summer languages courses in Ikaria and Thessaloniki.
  • - Omilo Language Courses, organizing intensive courses in Athens, Nafplion, Syros, Lefkada, and Andros.
  • - Alexandria Institute, organizes Greek language courses all year round in Athens and summer courses in Paros island, Chios island and Methoni.