Greece cafe and Kafenion

Cafes in Greece and the Greek Islands is not only just an entertainment place, but it is also a way of living and a big part of daily culture. You will see cafeterias in every corner of Greece, from the busiest spot of the town till the most secluded village in the mountains. People in Greece have their favorite cafeteria where they enjoy long hours with their friends. An average coffee meeting in a cafeteria for a Greek is about 1 and a half hours. The most favorite coffee for the Greeks is the famous frappe. But now many kinds of freddos are the trend (fredo espresso and fredo capuccino).

In summer, cafeterias in Greece are the best places to enjoy a morning coffee or a cold afternoon refreshment. In small towns and villages, in the central square, you will find the Greek traditional cafe that is called kafenion. These kafenions in Greece are mostly frequented by old pensioners or middle-aged men who drink Greek coffee, chat and play cards or backgammon (tavli). Unofficially women are not banned from sitting in the Greek kafenions but they are mostly acquainted by men.

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