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Here are the guidelines for using our Forum. These regulations are set to make sure that our Forum posts keep proper manners. Any post that breaks the following regulations may be deleted by the administrator.

Family-friendly posting

We do not allow language and images that may insult people and situations. All the curse and threatening words are banned and we will remove such messages. Also we will remove posts that promote or seek advice on engaging in illegal activities. We do not permit descriptions of criminal acts and death. If the description of a tragic event is related to a particular travel destination (for instance a natural disaster), you are required to use proper and family-friendly language.

This Forum is for Greece travel-related discussions: Not a chat room

Although we approve friendships through our forum (and in fact, most of our active members have found great friends in, we do not encourage personal messages to the topics of a particular forum. Please keep the forums relevant to their destinations.

Harassment of other members will not be tolerated

All members must feel free and safe to write their opinion, so harassment or assault of members is not tolerable. Also we will not tolerate:
Off-topic exchanges
Personal comments insulting a member
Allegations of fraud regarding a specific person or property on
Sarcastic or snide comments

Self-promotion, advertisements, solicitation and SPAM are strictly prohibited

We welcome reviews, recommendations and critiques from our members. Also we do not object links in posts. However, if you own or represent a business or a website, you are not allowed to use this forum to attract new costumers or promote your services. Otherwise, we have the right to remove your posts.

Business owners and representatives

We encourage our users to include information about their business in the "About Me" section of their member profile, so that members can easily find more information about their business. However, we do not approve posting ads or promoting their business through the topics of this forum. Please do not recommend your business on the forum, even if your business sounds a perfect match to the traveler's needs. Other forum members are allowed to recommend businesses or properties, but the owner/ representative is not.

If you want to participate in a discussion related to your business, please clearly state your affiliation as a representative of this business, so that the forum member can have all the information. Remember that forums are not opportunities to get new clients or promote your business, it is a way to get information. Also we prohibit posting critical comments about your competitors.

Do not post contact or personal information about other members without permission

We do not allow publishing the real names, home addresses, e-mail addresses and other personal information of other forum members without their permission. However, we allow members to include the names and contact information of business representatives or property owners in their comments regarding that particular business, property or service.

No HTML or JavaScript

The software of our forum will not accept HTML formatting, JavaScript, animated gifs or photo attachments in the body of a forum message. Posts with link spam will also be removed.

You must be at least 13 years old to post

Or at least that's what the law says!

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