How to move around Zagorochoria?

Zagoria villages are well-known for being a picturesque, traditional destination that boasts rich flora and fauna and a breathtaking scenery! It is without a doubt the ideal place for those who seek some piece and quiet and love to be close to nature, away from the bustling life of a city center.
You can explore the region either by travelling in a group or at your own pace by car or bus.

Don't forget to get informed about how to get to Zagorochoria in order to optimize your travel.

Public buses

The central bus station of the region is located in Ioannina, the largest city center. All buses with direction to Zagoria villages depart from that point. Connection between the villages via public transportation is limited. In this case, you might need to reach Ioannina at first place and then take another bus.
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Taxis and private transfers

A taxi might be a more expensive option, comparing to buses for instance, however it is definitely a choice that offers you easy, fast and safe transfer to your destination.
In Ioannina you can easily find many taxis, as it is the city center of the area.
However, if you wish to book a taxi in advance, you can try calling on any of the following phone numbers: 0030 694 3491 300 or 0030 26550 22500

Car and motorbike rentals

Most of the visitors of Zagoria villages prefer moving around by a private vehicle. With a car you can explore the region at your own pace, gain access to the most secluded spots and reach the city of Ioannina easily. In case you don't have your own vehicle, you could rent a car for your sightseeing trips! There are many car rental agencies in Ioannina.
Always be careful when driving in Zagoria villages, as the roads are quite narrow and steep. Also, because of the rich flora and fauna of the region, animals might show up suddenly on the road network, especially late in the evening or during the night. In winter months automobile chains are absolutely necessary.
You should also have in mind that it is not possible to use a car in Dilofo, Koukouli, Mikro Papingo and Kapesovo villages.

On foot

The splendid nature and the incredible scenery of Zagoria make them a favorite destination of every hiking lover! The villages are connected to each other through narrow pathways, some of which are quite difficult to cross. Therefore, you must be really careful and you should better be led by someone who is acquainted with the area, so you will not get lost.

Nearby destinations and points of interest

There are many interesting things to do and wonderful spots to visit nearby! Have in mind that the following km are an average estimation, as distances vary depending on the village you are located. The closest city center is Ioannina.
Ioannina: 25 km - 65 km
Vikos Gorge: 45 km - 25 km
Pindos National Park: 69 km - 138 km
National Park of Tzoumerka: 100 km - 150 km
Aoos Gorge: approximately 80 km from the most distant village of Zagoria
Mount Smolikas: 56 km - 95 km



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