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Kanela & Garyfallo

Restaurants Mediterranean $$
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Kanela & Garyfallo is a unique thematic restaurant devoted to mushrooms. Nestled on a rocky perch overlooking the entrance to Vikos gorge, the restaurant is located in the village of Vitsa in close proximity to many of the region’s natural wonders and within a 30-minute drive to the city of Ioannina.

Vitsa, Zagorochoria

Sta Riza

Restaurants Greek $$
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A classy stone building with a roof top-balcony viewing the mountains of Pindos is where local homemade dishes can be found and worshipped. Lamb with spinach and yogurt, giant beans with greens, pies, carrot salad with "galotyri" cheese are some of the delectable plates of the tavern along with other seasonal options of the Epirotic cuisine.

Vitsa, Zagorochoria