All 11 Zagoria Sightseeing

Here are all the Zagoria sightseeing that we suggest. Have a look on various attractions that you can see during your visit in Zagoria, such as churches, monasteries, museums, castles and other sights.

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All sightseeing in Zagoria

Church of Agios Minas
Location: Monodendri
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Located in Monodendri, the church of Agios Minas was built in the 17th century and it is made of stone.

Church of Agios Vlassios
Location: Papigo
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The church of Agios Vlassios in the square of Papigo distinguishes for its traditional architecture. Made of stone, the church was built in 1852 and has a lovely bell tower.

Lazarides Museum of Flora and Fauna
Location: Koukouli

The Lazarides Museum of Flora and Fauna is found in Koukouli village, Zagoria. It is dedicated to Kostas Lazarides, an important naturalist who collected 1,240 different species of plants in the Vikos Aoos Gorge. Today, the museum hosts 2,500 dried species of herbs and plants from Epirus. Many of them are known for their healing traits and are used by the local people to produce medication.

Monastery of Panagia Spiliotissa
Location: Aristi

The Monastery of Panagia Spiliotissa is located in the middle way between Aristi and Papigo. Constructed in the 16th century, the monastery is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin and has interesting architecture.

Museum of Traditional Jobs
Location: Elafotopos

The museum of traditional jobs is placed in Elafotopos, a village next to Ano Pedina. It is housed in the old Primary School of Elafotopos and its collection was created by its founder, Michalis Oikonomides. It is also known as the folklore museum of the village, since Oikonomides provided hundreds of objects not only related to the traditional jobs in Zagoria but also to the every day life there.

Location: Kapesovo

Built in the 17th century by the Paschalis brothers as centre of education, the building has been preserved today and hosts the folklore museum of the village.

Location: Monodendri

The Rizarios Centre for Exhibitions is found in Monodendri. It was created in 2001 and it is housed in an old traditional mansion. Close to the exhibition centre, there is the Rizarios Handicraft School.

Location: Tsepelovo

The Sarakatsani Shepfold Museum was established in 1995. It is an open-air museum that depicts the life and culture of an old nomadic tribe, the Sarakatsani. It is found close to Tsepelove village, on the slopes of Tumfi mountains.

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Vikos Gorge is the second deepest gorge in the world (after Grand Canyon in the USA). It offers impressive views and great chances for extreme sports.

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Voidomatis is an amazing river that runs through Vikos Gorge and close to many villages of Zagoria. It offers many spots of natural beauty and excellent chances for extreme sports.

Monastery of Agia Paraskevi
Location: Monodendri
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In the heart of the Vikos-Aoos National Park that surrounds Zagoria, there is a beautiful monastery, particularly popular among trekkers. This is the monastery of Agia Paraskevi and dates from the 15th century. The location gives an amazing view to the gorge.

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