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Anthousa village Parga: The village of Anthoussa is located close to Parga town and belongs to the Municipality of Parga. It lies 2 kilometers north west of the town, above the historic Turkish-built fortress of Ali Pasha. Anthoussa has a population of only 600 people. This small village has a school, a couple of churches and a nice square.

The castle of Ali Pasha is the most important landmark of Anthoussa. The famed fortress still has well-preserved interiors and very strong walls that are quiet impressive. In the upper courtyard of the fortress, there are a few surviving cannons, still in good condition, that were once used to fight against the Turkish enemies. The remains of many ancient carved tombs, along with several funeral gifts, also have been unearthed by archaeologists in and around the village of Anthoussa.

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