Parga Anthousa Castle

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Location: Anthousa

The Castle of Anthoussa in Parga, Epirus: The impressive Castle of Anthoussa is located on top of a hill between Parga and Agia. This castle is preserved in good situation till today and dominates the entire region. It was constructed by Ali Pasha, the Turkish governor of Ioannina, to overlook the area, the sea and most of all the town of Parga. It served as a base of operations against the residents of Parga, who were resisting against the Ottoman attacks.

The walls of the castle remain strong till today. On the northern side, there are two ramparts that protected the entrance. Inside the walls, there is an arched street and two guns that Ali Pasha bought from the Russians. In summer, the castle is used for cultural events and it is rather impressive with the night lights.

A lovely hiking path starts from the Castle of Anthoussa till the beach of Valtos, passing through lush greenery, running water and old watermills. The view to the green region and the sea from the top of the castle is superb.



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