Reformation of ancient site of Nikopolis

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The ancient site of Nikopolis in Epirus will be turned into a gorgeous archaeological park of 13,500 sq.m. in the next 10 years, if money will be found by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Cut in half by the National Highway today, Nikopolis may be one of the most important and largest sites in Greece, but yet it is left neglected. The studies for the reformation of this site into an archaeological park are ready, but it will not be that easy to find the allocation needed. Nikopolis is the town established by Cesar Augusto in memory of his victory against Mark Antony and Cleopatra in Aktion in 31 BC. In fact, residents from Aktion and Lefkada were made to move and inhabit Nikopolis, whose name means the town of victory. The first plan is to make a parking and reception area in the Northern Baths of Nikopolis and then through paved paths, informative signs and special stages for the best view of the site, visitors will be guided to the mausoleums, the impressive mansion of Manius Antony with the elegant mosaics, the Odeum, the Palace and the early-Christian basilicas. This united site will also include the Stadium and the Theatre, which surprisingly the Romans left outside the walls. Moreover, the archaeologists will restore one of the most glorious monuments that depicted the victory of Cesar: the frieze from the temple of Apollo, protector god of Cesar Augusto, which will be displayed on top of a hill with view to the Gulf of Amvrakikos. Nikopolis is located 50 km south of Parga, very close to Preveza and Lefkada.