Pargina Festival 2019

Aug 14, 2019 — Aug 15, 2019 • Category: Events

Every August Parina Festival or Kanaria takes place in Parga, Greece. 
The events have both religious and historical character and take place on the island of Panagia, in front of the city of Parga. On August 14th, people go to the island and set up a feast with local traditional music, food, and drinks.
On August 15, the barcarola event revives a custom that represents the return of the Pargas residents to the free city, after they abandoned the town when they were sold by the English government to Ali Pasha in 1819. Two rows of ships from the castle and the Pavloukas, decorated with Venetian lanterns, arrive at the harbor where a crowd of people welcomes them with celebrations and fireworks.
Pargina Festival, organized by the Municipality of Parga, includes musical evenings, theatrical performances, painting exhibitions and other artistic events for everyone.