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so beautiful
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Category: Samos Hotels > Elena

We have stayed at the Elena Apartments on two occasion and we just love it.

Elena provides a dream of a place in a quiet, pretty bay with the most amazing views. Elena herself is very welcoming whilst unobtrusive.

If you want somewhere comfortable, absolutely quiet and away from crowds this is it. Local tavernas offer superb fresh seafood too.

We will return again and again as Psili Amos provides us with the peace and tranquility we need.


A place for all
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Category: Samos General

No matter how many words I'll write about Samos, they will not be able to describe its endless beauty and our surprise to discover such a green island. An island for all...

High mountains, green forests, crowded beaches and villages where the nightlife finds its place or quiet places where nothing will disturb you. Limnionas village is one of them. Even if in the beginning, we had the feeling of a village from the end of the world, Limnionas was the best place for us. Small and silent village, few taverns, one really mini market right across the road, a beautiful beach, an amazing view over the bay were enough for a good holiday.

Well, we had no TV, no internet, no public phone (there is one in the village, but I believe they keep it as a museum piece) and the cell phone network was present just from time to time, enough to forget that we have such a device. But in the end, these were part of the local charm.

Ioanna Studios are a very good choice. Surrounded by flowers that Ioanna cares with love, our apartment was spacious and tastefully furnished. Fully equipped kitchen. A terrace full of flowers allows you to admire the bay and the sea view. Large parking place. And again, amazing flowers in the yard. An apartment for a very good price. But, above all, is Ioanna. Wonderful woman, always helpful, always present to give you an advice or to answer to your questions with a friendly smile, it's enough to see her and start a pleasant day.

Living in Limnionas, you will need a car to discover the island. There are small and large villages situated along the coast or in the hills, large or hidden small beaches with blue green waters, each has its charm, try to find as many you can. Kambos Marathokambou, at 5km, is a large village with mini markets, many taverns and bars, souvenir shops and a large beach. The best place where you can eat here for an incredible low price is Nostos Tavern, where Nikos will be always there to help you and offer his friendship.

There are two Psili Ammos beaches on the island. One is near Vathi, maybe the only sandy beach on the island but surely the most crowded. It has so many sun beds and umbrellas that we couldn't see the sand and sea. It's a good option for kids. The other Psili Ammos beach, near Kambos, large and more quiet, is a mixture of sand and small pebbles and worth the effort to find it.

Posidonio, a small and very quiet village, good taverns, nice beach, crystal waters, a break for Turkish trips. Mourtia, nice beach with a wonderful view but not even a place to buy a bottle of water. Tsamadou, hidden behind a cool forest, it's divided into two parts: a part is a naturist beach and a part is for more or less dressed people... After Tsamadou, you'll find Lemonakia and Tsambou. Potami, large and beautiful pebble beach with the Church of Agios Nikolaos, the white silhouette on the hill. Kokkari and its beach, Samos and Vathi, Pythagorio with the Eupalinos Tunnel and Hera's Temple, Karlovassi... all of them are famous, you will find them easy and all of them deserve your time.

There are at least 3 less known places that you must see: Manolates, a village like a ceramic museum, perched on the mountain. Don't forget to buy a souvenir, you will not find another place as Manolates on the island. Kallithea and its wonderful sunset. An amazing view of Fourni and Ikaria will complete the joy to be there and the beauty of the moment. Be careful and leave your car outside of the village or you'll spend your sunset stuck with the car on narrow streets, moving chairs and flowers to find a way to escape. The End Of The World Taverna, at 3km from Limnionas, has an astonishing view over the sea but you need a four-wheel drive vehicle to find it and a lot of courage to drive.

vasia wrote on Jul 16, 2010

sounds like you had a great holiday :)

patras wrote on Jul 16, 2010

to be honest, I was positively surprised by 2 things. First, I have read that Samos is a green island but I didn't expect such an explosion of vegetation, forests and flowers all over. Second, I knew that Samos is an island with many tourists and very busy, but perhaps because it was June or crisis or both, their number was acceptable. These two things and few more led to a great holiday :)

alekosi wrote on Jul 18, 2010

Thanks for the wonderfull review.
to read this is the best for a men who lose his heart to this green pearl of the Δgaeis in the year 1991.You have a very nice thinking and i'm glad for you that a nice time on my second home and i hope this Iland will see you again.

lagreca wrote on Aug 11, 2010

an ode to Samos... :)

cristibolo wrote on Jun 13, 2011

I enjoied your review very much, Felicia! It is useful and pleasant to read your lines. My longing for Samos is growing more and more! :)

eriously wrote on May 08, 2013

What a great review of my favourite island, I will return one day.

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See as much possible
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Category: Samos General

This was my first trip to Samosand I was completely bowled over by the rich history, beautiful landscapes and fine beaches of the island. I promised I would be back next summer to see more of this fabulous island. In order to explore as much as possible during my week's stay in Samos, I rented a small car, a chevrolet Matiz and was quite pleased with my choice when I had to negotiate some of the narrow hillside roads. The island abounds in car rental agencies, and this is an ideal way to get around helped by the fact that the signposts are all in English. It cost me 120 euros for 4 days and the best part of the deal was I could drop off of the car at the airport.

I visited some of the important monasteries and churches the island is famous for. The monastery of Panagia Spiliani is amazing, with a nice cavern where a holy icon was found. Samos is also known for its nightlife. The discos of Pythagorion (where I stayed) are open late into the night and they offer a mix of popular Greek and international music. If you are up for some live Greek music, you must visit some local panigiria, such as the wine festival in August. The beaches in Samos are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Surrounded by lush vegetation or hills dotted with olive groves, the deep blue water of the Aegean are best for sunbathing, swimming and windsurfing.

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Category: Samos Hotels > Aphrodite

Hello afrodite!!! Best hotel ever...... You was so friendly and so kind to everyone. I like your pool bar and the pool. the room was so beutyfull and i liked it very much. i hope me and my girlfriend comes back som day. remember us Denniz and simone.

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samos for ever
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Category: Samos Hotels > Nafsika

nafsika villas!the best sea view of the eastern Aegean!Samos for ever !thank u for the beautiful holidays this year 08/2009 !!

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Lovely panigiria and strong wine
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Category: Samos General

Slices of history, tradition, sun and fun. That about sums up my experience of Samos, an incredibly beautiful island with its fabulous beaches and endless vineyards in the inland.

I got to experience the best of Samos nightlife in the beach bars and the panigiria of the island. In fact, we attented a panigiri to Prophet Elijah (end July) and a wine festival in a small village near Samos Town: both wonderful and very social experiences. It is nice how small villages in the islands have so strong community bonds and seem like a family all together.

Families in Greece are large and include members of third or fourth generation. My cousin has married a Greek guy, they live in Patras and I have heard a lot about how they spend their holidays and feasts all together.

In Samos, people are friendly, too. Never had a problem to communicate with anyone, even if the other person didn't speak English. Gestures do miracles, you know! For the food, try two things: fresh fish in Kokkari and local wine. I was told that the wine of Samos is the best in Greece. Indeed, it is very sweet and very strong, too!

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Category: Samos Hotels > Mirto

If you are looking for a calm, romantic, friendly real Samos..... you must come and visit Maria!!!! She welcomed us and made us feel at home every single day we spent there.
Taste and priced food at her taverna by the marvelous sea. Never crowded. Simply perfect.
Alessandro e Daniela

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Walk in forests
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Category: Samos General

Samos is a big island, so you'd better rent a car and see it all. I say no need to rent a car for your whole stay, just 3 days are enough, and then choose a nice beach hotel to spend the rest of your holidays.

We stayed in the small village of Pythagorio on the south of Samos and it turned a lovely place to hang out. Not a busy resort, but a small summer village with family hotels and a sandy beach for chilly mornings. The beach had many umbrellas and usually it didn't very crowded. Bars and taverns were plenty in Pythagorio, but I think prices were better than on the northern coast of Samos.

The first thing to impress me in Samos was the forests. I was used to the arid and rocky Cycladic islands, so Samos hit me as a small paradise in the inland. There are small forests and mountainsides and beautiful waterfalls. The area near Marathokambos is lush green and you will see many churches and houses here and there, along your way. Walk in the forests and climb up the hills and you will feel refreshed.

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Join festivals and beach parties
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Category: Samos General

In Samos, we stayed at a sea facing hotel in Kokkari village. The entire village is surrounded by lush green vegetation. There are plenty of olive plantations, pine trees and vineyards. The white washed houses and the narrow alleys running all around the village render an old world atmosphere. The seafront restaurants are a favourite place for the locals and the tourists. We used to have a hard time finding a place for ourselves over here. Obviously, there are very crowded in August. People seemed to enjoy the various sides of nature both in the inland and the beaches.

Samos has such a laid-back atmosphere. We rented a car to tour the various sights and historical places on the island. In the inland, we found such lovely greenery and many waterfalls.

Vathy, the capital, gets quite busy in the day but in the night, it is a great nightlife spot. In the popular beaches, there are also many beach bars that stay open till late at night. People seem to have much fun there and the music is loud. A few meters further, the music fades out and if you have a night swim, you will experience a very romantic scene under the moonlight. In Samos, we were lucky enough to join a wine festival in Pythagorio. The Greeks know well to have fun!

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geia sas.
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Category: Samos Hotels > Samaina Inn

den mporoysa na mhn grapsw kati ki egw.perasan 5 xronia apo tote poy ekana thn prwth moy praktikh mageirikhs.kai fysika sto omorfo samaina inn.perasa yperoxa.tha to thymamai kai tha to lew pantoy kai eyxaristw.aisthanthika san na eimoyn paidi eiste kala kyrie kwsta.

Apostolos ioannidis.
"Hilton Park Nicosia" - CYPRUS

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