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Lesvos Villages reviews
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Unique sunset view
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Category: Lesvos Sightseeing > Molyvos Castle

The picturesque village of Molivos is crowned with a medieval fortress. This is a historical monument that stands on top of a hill. It is a strong characteristic of the island attracting thousands of visitors every year. The castle is an adornment for the village and it was built in the Byzantine times. It is definitely worth a walk through the three gates and along its walls. We were impressed on how well preserved it was, after all these centuries. Today and mostly in the summer months, several celebrations and cultural displays take place. This altitude offers a magnificent view from up there and a unique Aegean sunset, the best theme for your photos.

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Buy olive oil to take home
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Category: Lesvos Agiassos

Agiassos was the most beautiful village on Lesvos for me! A mountainous village but very picturesque. Obviously a lot of visitors shared my opinion because both times we went there the streets were full. Obviously the local tradition is ceramics and pressing the olive oil. Generally Lesvos has many olive oil groves and produces the best virgin oil every autumn. In fact, the salads we tried had very delicious sweet oil! We bought a couple of bottles in Agiassos to take home and tried the taverns in the square. Amazing dishes, the best on the island. Houses were tall and attached one to the other, also they had no balconies, which is rather strange for Greece. Agiassos has lovely churches, the most beautiful is the church of Virgin Mary in the square. A baptism took place there one afternoon and we were happy to attend the event (even if we were not invited)!

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Capital of ouzo
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Category: Lesvos Plomari

If you are a lover of ouzo and old buildings, you have come to the right place. The Plomari has plenty of both. I am not so sure if I fancy old buildings all that much, but ouzo, now that's a different matter altogether. Ever since I read about Plomari being the ouzo capital of the world, I have been dying to visit the village. The place produces some of the most famous ouzos in Greece. I drank liberal amounts of the famous Barbayiannis Ouzo as well as the Ouzo Giannatsi which is still made using traditional methods of distillation. Well, if you can tear yourself away sufficiently from the ouzo, Plomari can be quite an interesting place for sightseers, or so I gathered. Built amphitheatrically down to the sea, the town has a nice mix of great mansions, old buildings, ouzeries and olive presses, and the architecture is predominantly Ottoman. I had some great-tasting mezedes washed down with liberal amounts of ouzo, which is common on the menu of every restaurant or cafeneon in Plomari. I took a cab and went 10 km north to the village of Megalochori. Known as the Switzerland of Lesvos, the village was dotted with orchards and there is a small old church set in a courtyard filled with brightly colored flowers. Absolutely enchanting.

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Many mosques in Mytilene
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Category: Lesvos Mytilene

I did't see much of Lesvos but only the capital and the beaches around it, because we stayed only for a couple of days on the island. From as much as we saw, I can tell that Mytilene is a lovely town. I was particularly impressed by its mosques, although they don't work today. I am a Muslim myself and I was surprised to see so many mosques on a Greek island. I must have counted three or four mosques in Mytilene. I also liked the waterfront with the cafeterias and the tiny fishing boats. In the evening, you could see many fishermen getting their nets ready for work. If you want good and truly Greek food, go to small taverns, not big restaurants. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to see the rest of the island, so we will certainly go back next year.

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Great taverns and gift shops
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Category: Lesvos Kaloni

Lesvos is a huge island. You need at least two weeks to see all of it. A lot of beaches and even more small villages. The best villages on Lesvos are found on the coastside, in contrast to Chios where you find the best villages in the mainland. Apart from Mytilini, I also loved Kaloni. Many old houses would sometimes spoil the atmosphere, but the waterfront was great. I miss those hours when we were sitting to eat fresh fish at the numerous taverns along the waterfront, after a whole day in the sun. These were the best moments of our holidays. Do not forget that Kaloni is famous for its great fish. Also buy a traditional textile from the local gift shops and give it a present to your grandma, she will love it.

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