Icarus Festival 2009

Icarus Festival 2009
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Event from 12 Jul 2009 until 19 Aug 2009

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Posted by Greeka on 03 Jul 2009

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The Icarus Festival for Dialogue Between Cultures will take place again this year from July 12th to August 19th on the beautiful island of Ikaria, Eastern Aegean. This festival, which is organized every summer since 2006, aims to promote the traditional culture of the island and also to present the culture of other countries of the world, hosting unique and impressive events all summer long. 

These events will include concerts of international artists, presentations of films awarded in national and world competitions, theatre and dance performances. Events take place in various places all over the island, such as the port of Evdilos, the Primary School in Gialiskari, the beach of Nas or the Town Hall. There will be special buses to transport people to these places and general admission in 10 euros.

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massive wrote on Jul 04, 2009

Icarus Festival is opening its wings for the 4th International Music, Drama and film Festival on the island of Ikaria (Northern Aegean - Greece) on July 9, 2009 and it will conclude on August 23, 2009.

This years guests include legendary musical figures such as Marta Sebestyen (known for her singing in the film "The English patient") and Sotiria Leonardou (known for her acting & singing in the film "Rembetico") as well as composer-pianist Mimis Plessas ("the Gershwin of Greece"). A younger generation of artists is also present in the Festival, including Valentina Montoya Martinez and the Voces Del Sur, Makis Seviloglou, Kaiti Koullia, Klaudia Delmer, Kostis Avyssinos, and the famous Greek band Ypogeia Revmata.

The schedule of performances is as follows:

Sunday, July 12, 9:30 pm


The songs and music of the Latin American Revolution.


Monday, July 13, 9:30 pm


The songs and music of the Latin American Revolution.


Thursday , July 14, 9:30 pm


The songs and music of the Latin American Revolution.


Sunday, July 19, 9:30 pm


A staged version of Plato’s Apology by Emmy award winner Yannis Simonides.


Monday, July 20, 9:30 pm


A staged version of Plato’s Apology by Emmy award winner Yannis Simonides.


Thursday, July 21, 9:30 pm


New songs on the folk traditions of Greece & Serbia


Wednesday, July 22, 9:30 pm


New songs on the folk traditions of Greece & Serbia


Friday, July 24, 9:30 pm


A staged version of Plato’s Apology by Emmy award winner Yannis Simonides.

NAS archaeological area - BEACH

Thursday, July 28, 9:30 pm


"I like looking up"


Wednesday , July 29, 9:30 pm


"I like looking up"

GIALISKARI (RACHES) – Old Elementary School

Sunday , August 2 , 9:30 pm


“Never ending song”


Monday, August 3 , 9:30 pm


“Never ending song”


Thusday, August 4 , 9:30 pm


“Never ending song”


Wednesday , August 5 , 9:30 pm




Friday, August 7 , 9:30 pm

theatre Company tettiges

3 One-act Comedies - L.VARDAROS


Saturday, August 8 , 9:30 pm

theatre Company tettiges

3 One-act Comedies - L.VARDAROS


Sunday, August 9, 9:30 pm

theatre Company tettiges

3 One-act Comedies - L.VARDAROS


Thursday, August 11, 9:30 pm

MARTA SEBESTYEN (with Bolya - Dongσ trio)

In a musical dialog with KOSTIS AVYSSINOS and his group


GIALISKARI (RACHES) – Old Elementary School

Sunday, August 23 , 9:30 pm



Ways of the Sea




The Artists:

Voces Del Sur

Daughter of a Chilean exile and ex-political prisoner. Valentina Montoya Martinez grew up outside the homeland eventually arriving in Scotland in 1996, where she met guitarist David Russell at the Edinburgh Festival. In a cottage in the borders they spent a whole night and day doing their first recordings and started our a duet known then as Amor Brujo. David, a talented guitarist and sound engineer, quickly became honorary Chilean as he is Latin American in his playing! They are accompanied by Scottish bassist May Halyburton and Argentine percussionist Gerardo Ballesteros. They keep alive and promote folk music traditions from the Americas......

“The Latin voices of Central and South America, sing songs of exile, love, social defiance and freedom, and a stunning voice that prickles the hairs. Voces Del Sur were wonderful; a small, unpretentious acoustic four-piece group playing various, sometimes politically-charged songs, of "freedom and having your wings clipped". Chilean vocalist Valentina Montoya Martinez was incredible, decked in red poncho and strumming along like some sylvan beauty. Powerful and at times lilting and muted, she graced the set with verse that captured an essence both of a Latin American demographic and an essential personal spirit, reflecting her own experience as an exile and wanderer. Try sitting underneath a massive extractor fan on a miserable day to aid spinal chills”

"Combining passion, sensuality and musical intelligence Martνnez is a dazzling performer with a world class voice" The Scotsman - "Pure and simple passion" Edinburgh Evening News - "One of the most interesting Chilean voices in the UK" The List


Makis Seviloglou

Makis Seviloglou was born in Germany at 31/10/1967. Studied Arhaology and started writing music and lyrics about 1990. His first appearance in diskography was in Haris Alexiou' s album "Os tin akri tou ouranou sou" (Till the end of your sky) in 2003, with his self penned song " Tha megalonoume mazi" (We' ll be growing up together). In 2006, he collaborated with Haris Alexiou again when he wrote the lyrics and music to half of the songs of "Vissino kai nerantzi" (Sour cherry and bitter orange" album. He wrote music for Iakovos Kampaneli' s play "The garden of miracles", which was staged in October 2006 at Proskinio Theater by the theatrical group "Ta paidia paizei". He composed the soundtrack in two series of history documentaries. He also composed music for Christian Andersen' s children' s play "O molivenios stratiotis" (The brave tin soldier), directed by Konstantina Mihail and produced by Kivotos (Daily care center for people with special needs)

Last winter he gave many performances in various musical scenes in Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek cities........

Joined by singer Kaiti Koullia, Makis Seviloglou will perform songs that blend Greek traditional sounds with rock & Balkan influences at Icarus Festival.


Kaiti Koullia

Kaiti Koullia was born and brought up in the island of Kalymnos, Greece. She studied to be a nursery teacher in the Pedagogy Department of the University of Athens. Soon after her settling in Athens, she joined the Music Department of the University and took part in several music performances in which she excelled and was awarded a scholarship. During that period of time, for about three years, she attended Byzantine music courses in the Simon Carras’ School and Theory of the European music in the Model Music Conservatory of Piraeus.

At the age of 21 she worked with Mariza Coch and performed with her in concerts and music productions for children throughout Greece. Other performances followed, with Yiannis Voglis in music-theatre productions, with Christos Tsiamoulis and Elias Liougos.


Plato's : The Apology of Socrates
A Theatrical Performance with Yiannis Simonides

in English & in Greek

English Translation by Yannis Simonides & Loukas Skipitaris


Plato's The Apology of Socrates reenacts Socrates' defense in the Athenian court and his rebuttals to a guilty verdict and sentence of death. This treatment transports the viewer from ancient times to our contemporary world, and in so doing reaffirms the relevance of Socrates' thought in today's society.

Performance Details

Actor: Yannis Simonides

Director: Loukas N. Skipitaris

Costume: Theoni V. Aldredge

Percussionist: Caryn Heilman

Ypogeia Revmata

Ypogeia Revmata is an important greek rock group, and "M'aresei na mi leo polla" was the song that helped them build their reputation in the first place! Of course it was backed up by many other good songs through the years!

In 2003 the band experienced a lot of changes in formation. Markos, Panagiotis and Nikiforos leave the band, while Tasos, Marios, Apostolis and Kostas - one of the founding members of the group - replace them. Before the year ends, Kostas leaves again the band.

For the next years, with Grigoris (guitar, vocals) being the only remaining member from the start, Tasos (drums, vocals), Marios (keyboards, vocals) and Apostolis (bass, guitar, accordion, vocals), Ypogeia Revmata do a lot of concerts all over Greece, covering their older songs and trying live their new material.

In 2007, after six years of absence from discography, Ypogeia Revmata return with their new album 'Νέα Μέρα' (Nea Mera, New Day), a title that marks the new age of the band. The band exhibits a different sound and composition from the usual, mixing rock and lyrical elements and emphasizing poetic lyrics. This new album startled many, as it has a lot of universal musical elements.


Yannis Simonides, Actor

Born in Constantinople and raised in Athens, Yannis Simonides is a Yale Drama School trained actor/writer and Emmy-winning documentary producer. He has served as professor and chair of the NYU Tisch SOA Drama Department, as executive producer of Greek Orthodox Telecommunications (GOTelecom) and as the executive director of Hellenic Public Radio – COSMOS FM in New York. He is the founder and director of the Greek Theater (Elliniko Theatro) in New York and of Mythic Media, a performing arts lab.

His performance work, past and ongoing, includes plays by Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Brecht, Korres, Kambanellis and others, along with solo and ensemble pieces culled from the writings of C.P. Cavafy, General Makriyannis, Nikolai Gogol and others.

Since 2004 he has performed the Apology, in Greek and in English, at theatres, festivals, universities and communities in the USA, the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Canada, the United Emirates and Uruguay, and is scheduled to take it on tour in Russia, Australia, Spain and Japan. As a founding member of The Readers of Homer, he has staged marathon audience-participation readings/celebrations of the Iliad and Odyssey at Daskalopetra in Chios, at the Library of Alexandria and the Dahesh Museum of New York, in Greek, Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Russian and Swahilili, and is scheduled to bring the ROH to Montevideo, Sydney, San Francisco, Paris, and again to Chios, Alexandria and New York. He was recently honored by the prefecture of Athens as Ambassador of Hellenism 2009 for his lifelong service to Greek arts and letters worldwide.


Sotiria Leonardou

Sotiria Leonardou was born in Athens. She studied music, dance and theatre. From 1989 till 1994 she lived in Zimbabwe where she took part in seminars on African musical roots and on the study of ritual theatre.

After her return to Greece she has been very active in performing music, theatre and film roles and she often participates in experimental and avant-garde projects. Between 2007-2009 she has toured extensively performing with various musical groups , from various styles and genres.

In these concerts for Icarus Festival, Sotiria Leonardou, continues her creative collaboration with composer and singer Panos Furtunas. The program of the concert also includes songs by other Greek composers, from the personal discography of Sotiria, in harmonious co-existence, with songs of Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, Bob Marley and electric Rebetika.

Also included in the program are the brand new songs from the album of Sotiria and Vangelis Fampas, “Words of the Wind” with the participation of the composer.


1983 - Rebetiko (the soundtrack of the well-known awarded film by Kostas Ferris, music by Stavros Xarhakos and lyrics by Nikos Gatsos)

1995 - I have no time my heart (Den eho hrono matia mou)(music by Babis Stokas)

1999 - MIS (music by M. Matsas and lyrics by Isaac Sousis)

2006 - Women (music by Michalis Nikoloudis and lyrics by Magda Papadaki)

2007 – Strange World (Paraxenos cosmos) music and lyrics by Panos Fortunas

2009 – Words of the Wind (Tou anemou I lexeis) music by Vangelis Fampas and lyrics by Vasilis Eleftheriou.

Featured also in:

1989 - The Lamp of Diogenes (by Nicholas Asimos)

1994 - For the Princes of the West Bank (by Pyx Lax)

1995 - Aman, Amen (by Stavros Xarchakos, live recording)

1996 - Akropol (Soundtrack by G. Mouzakis)

1997 - The Town Magician (by M. Matsas)

1998 - The Train Arrives Finally at Katerini

Composer Vangelis Fampas has scored for theatre, dance, fiction film, documentaries, multimedia, and commercial films. He was born in Athens, Greece, and studied classical guitar from a very early age with his father Dimitri. Since the age of 16 he has been involved with composing and performing. During 1979 to 1995, he lived to New York, where he attended the City University of New York (CUNY), and simultaneously worked full time as a composer for theater and TV. Since 1995 he has been active in Greece as a composer and arranger for film and major orchestras.

He has composed for over 200 films, documentaries, theatre and other media and he directs Massive Productions, music & films Production Company.

He has written songs for several Greek and International vocalists.

THEATER COMPANY TETTIGES - Three one-act comedies
«The daughter of the grocer» by Angelos Vlachos
«Servant Wanted» by Babis Anninos
«The meal of Papi» by Elias Kapetanakis
The theater company Tettiges presents a show consisting of three one-act comedies - to «Daughter of grocer», « Servant Wanted » and «The meal of Papi».
These plays were written in the late 19th century, with a strong sense of social commentary. Through satire they are trying to bring the viewer closer to current social situations, although they were written in an era of transition both linguistically and socially.
In «Daughter of the grocer » Angelos Vlachos describes a middleclass family and does not hesitate -through his heroes- to undermine the whole structure of relationships that developed behind the closed doors of a Greek house.
«Servant Wanted», by Babis Anninos, has been described as one of the greatest works of its era. With subtle humor and intelligent language games, this play rises above the level of comedy and courts the intelligent viewer, speaking of corruption, favoritism and eventual immunity within the state mechanism.

«The meal of Papi» belongs purely to the comedy genre.

Directed by: Leonidas Vardaros, set design: Polychroniadis Tolis,
Costumes: Olga Dimoliati, music: Christos Leondis,
movement: Tassos Karachalios.

Actors: Panos Xenakis, Konstantina Koutsikou, Leonidas Vardaros, Costas Tzouvaras, George Sochos, Vasso Sofouri.


Born in Budapest (1957), Marta grew up surrounded with music. Her mother, a music teacher studied with the great composer, scholar and ethnomusicologist – Zoltan Kodaly.

At 12 years age, she already knew that her life would be bound to music. Having a wonderful voice, she is one of the most authentic interpreters of the hungharian traditional folk music – is a real world star. She gave and is still giving concerts all over the world both as a solo artist and also as a guest perormer with several hungarian and international folk groups. Marta sang for H.M. Queen Elisabeth II., the japanese Emperor or the spanish Royal Family upon diplomatic events. Her collaboration with the french group Deep Forest “resulted” a Grammy Award in 1996, she recorded with Peter Gabriel and has been discovered by other genres as well such as the film. She was the voice of the “English Patient” awarded with 9 Oscars (- Oscar for music -) in 1997.

Mαrta Sebestyιn - voice, flute, tamburine
Balαzs Szokolay Dongσ - bagpipe, flutes, saxophone
Mαtyαs Bolya - Moldavian lute, zither

As long as I’m here and living

Inside me resounds the Spirit!

Spirit sings, resounds the word,

Love-door’s loud chanting is heard…


Kostis Avyssinos

Kostis Avyssinos born and raised in Skalani of Iraklion, Crete and made his first musical steps next to his father, Master of Cretan music and skilled violinist George Avyssinos. They traveled together for years both in Greece and abroad conveying the magic of Cretan musical tradition throughout global Hellenic diasporas.
Kostis Avyssinos has collaborated with George Avyssino playing lute, mandolin, boulgari, and mandolin and as a singer. In 1996 in collaboration with the famous Turkish dab of violin Senich Antegker and Dimitris Apostolakis, Kostis Avyssinos makes his first solo album with the title “Libyan Sea”. At the same time he works on stage with many leading musicians in both traditional and Rebetika genres.
In 1997 he collaborated with Chainides band. Arising from this collaboration is an album titled “The Big Voyage”.
Kostis Avyssinos is carrying the origins of Cretan tradition and assimilating many musical traditions (Smyrnaiiko, Island, Rebetiko).

He has taken part in international folk music festivals in France, Italy, America, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Turkey, etc.
He has presented his work in many cities and villages of Crete and the rest of Greece (Athens, Thessalonica, Patras, Volos, Ioannina and the Aegean Islands. He has also performed in the magnificent Athens Concert Hall.

Mimis Plessas

Known as the “Greek Gershwin,” Mimis Plessas’ music has been celebrated throughout his illustrious career in film, theatre, opera, concerto suites, radio, and television.

The «Ways of the Sea» refers directly or indirectly to the sea. Longing, the distances the prayers, the dreams, the loneliness, the camaraderie, the wisdom, love, death, lack of contact, proximity of humans. ... All these find their rightful place and their perfect background to the endless sea.

One of the greatest legends of Greek music in Ikaria for 2nd time in Icarus Festival.

Venue: http://icarus-festival.ikaria.gr/

Municipalities of Agios Kirikos, Evdilos & Raches, Region of Samos, TEDK of Samos

Artistic Director: Klaudia Delmer

Produced by: Massive Productions email: akron@hol.gr

Info: +30 210 6995320, +30 6972 235932, +30 6977 199034

Municipalities: 2275022202, 22750 41381, 22750 31457

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